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Using Our Mental Powers To Fix The World

By James Donahue

There is a belief among many people in the world that the god of creation exists within each of us . . . that we all, in effect, are the creators of our own universe. Without going into the origins and arguments for such abstract thinking, we only wish to say that proofs can be found in simply using our minds to bring about the changes this world desperately needs at this particular time.

When my wife and I fled the dark and negative energy surrounding us in Michigan last winter, and joined our daughter Susan at her home in California, we were introduced to a bright new concept in spiritual thinking. Susan had been in contact with Her Holiness Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi, an Indian spiritual teacher who seeks to awaken humanity to the light of creation.

It was Susan’s contention that our world is in a mess because it is out of balance, and it got that way because people have forgotten the power they possess within. She and Sai Maa believe we have allowed our natural light to grow dim. Worst of all, humans have abandoned the most powerful force in existence. It is something called LOVE.

Love is the force that all of the great spiritual teachers of the past . . . Jesus, Mohammad and the Buddha focused on it. The Abba Father dialogs zero in on this fact. The primary message to mankind is always LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.

You, the reader, may be thinking about now that you don’t need this kind of lecture because you already know about love. Perhaps you say you love your wife and your kids, or your girl or boy friend, and of course, you love your parents and other people close to you. That is a form of love that comes naturally to all of us. But do you love your neighbor? Can you love the black man down the street, or the Iraqi who runs the convenience store out on the highway? Can you love the man who recently cheated you in a transaction?

Plato may have been among the first great thinkers to attempt to define the various aspects of love between humans. In simplified form, there is lust for beauty, the deep spiritual and emotional love a husband and wife can develop between themselves and their children, and a vast unconditional form of love we can have, through taking certain spiritual pathways, for all mankind and all things. The latter is the hardest for us to grasp.

Susan explained it as mentally reaching a sense of appreciation and gratitude for all people, all creatures, and all things around us that have an impact on our lives, whether in a positive or negative way.

She has formed a group of people through social contact and friendships made on the Internet who share her understanding of this form of love. It was her idea to use this bond of people, all expressing this same power of love, and focusing it on things in the world that need fixing.

There have been many nights that Susan, my wife Doris, and I have quietly focused on certain issues, pouring love into it and asking the universe to bring it to a conclusion that will best serve everyone. It is a different form of magical power, unlike anything we have ever seen used before. And believe it or not, this simple formula, used by only three of us, appears to be very effective.

This week, Susan and her friends have been focusing on the financial bail-out mess going on in Washington. If you are as concerned as we think, we suggest that you, the reader, join in this simple project.

As our legislators struggle to wade through the complexities of this crisis, deciding if they should trust the latest plan by the Bush Administration to pour $700 billion into the Federal Reserve and consequently into the pockets of the bankers who created this problem, we seek to help them find a correct solution by pouring love into the equation.

It is easy to get involved. Anyone can do it. Every day at about 10 p.m. Eastern, 7 p.m. Pacific Time, or even at this moment as you read this, take time to close your eyes and mentally send thoughts of love and gratitude toward the Capital Building in Washington, D.C. Do it at various times throughout each day.

The more people that get involved, the more powerful the effect will be. What is so great about this action is that it can do no harm. It lets the power of the universe bring about the change that will be for the best interests of all.

We have already started to see the results of this bombardment of the power of love. We believe that if enough Americans get involved, the outcome to this and the hodge-podge of other complex problems created by an incompetent president and his crooked administration after eight long years of control, will be to the best interests of the nation, and consequently, the world.

Send your love, get others involved, and then watch the news to see what happens.