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Abba Father Dialogue: Some Humans Ascending Soon

By James Donahue

There is a change occurring on Earth and it appears that for people who are prepared for it, the future is going to be very bright. They may even traverse death.

This is the word coming to us from the Abba Father who communicates with us through my wife, Doris J. Donahue.

Not only is Barack Obama going to win the White House this fall, but the world is going to move through a transition into a state of peace, perhaps for the first time in history. And there is going to be another important change . . . those who are “awake” and prepared for it will ascend into a new dimension of existence.

In a session on Sept. 20, the Abba Father said a gateway will be opened to another life existence, “one you already know.”

We were told that “the opening of the door to perception is not what you think. It will be a place familiar to all mankind – a hole inside Earth has been prepared for this. You will not leave Earth, but will become transformed there and your mind will not know what happened. This is how you will ascend.”

The entity said the change, which has already begun, will come slowly at first, but increase in speed until suddenly we are there. When we arrive we will be allowed to live freely within our bodies or outside in spirit form, coming and going at will..

The Abba Father said there is no need to worry about the future. He said things will be getting strange for a while but these events “must happen in order to put things in balance. Fear will come to many. This will put back (separate?) the ones who are not ready for change.”

The entity said love has always been the answer to world problems, and it is especially important now. He instructs those on the path to ascension to “fight those who do not love one another. Don’t let them win. Rise above all anguish. Rise above death. Make room for others to (follow). Kings must love. Love will unite all. Open up gates of fears also. Dealing with this will be the hardest to face.”

What about those who resist the coming change, and are not prepared for the ascension? Abba Father said they will be “treated with strong balance. They will not give in to love so many will perish. They will be given many chances but survival will be up to them.”