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Monsanto In Our Sugar

By James Donahue

Having been born and raised in the heart of the Michigan sugar beet industry, my wife and I were well aware when Monsanto began selling area beet farmers it’s genetically modified seed laced with glyphosate, a toxic week killer known to be lethal to amphibian life and to cause miscarriages and premature births, especially in the wives of beet farmers.

A recent French study found evidence that the Roundup Ready laced seeds are toxic to all mammals and may even be classified as a carcinogen.

Dr. Don M. Huber, soil scientist at Purdue University, has warned that he suspects Glyphosate may somehow be linked to an increase in cancers of the liver, thyroid, kidneys and skin melanomas. He also wonders if the chemicals in the GM foods we are eating aren’t also involved into a recent spike in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, and a major rise in soybean allergies.

Knowing that Monsanto had infiltrated the sugar beet industry, we made sure that every ounce of sugar purchased for our household was made from sugar cane. While everybody agrees that processed sugar is an unnatural food that is not necessarily good for the body, we all have become addicted to the stuff. It just makes everything taste so good.

Recently my wife, who is ultra sensitive to toxic chemicals and many kinds of medicine, developed sores in her mouth after tasting a fresh batch of cookies that contained sugar from a freshly opened container. She looked at the label and it was clearly marked cane sugar.

Thinking that something was wrong I went on line and Googled “Monsanto Cane Sugar.” And sure enough, I found a story that announced that Monsanto is working on a Roundup Ready/Bt variety of sugar cane and expects to have it on the market by 2015.

Knowing how Monsanto works, we suspect that this big corporation has had thousands of acres of “test plots” of its toxic new varieties of sugar cane in fields throughout the south. The courts have allowed Monsanto to grow these plots in secret, so nobody knows which fields contain the Roundup Ready varieties and which are clean. And we know when it comes time for harvest, all of the crops are harvested and sent to the sugar factory.

What we found suspicious about the bag of cane sugar that caused a reaction in my wife was that it had an especially marked label, with a packaging number unique to that brand of sugar. We since found other cane sugar packages in stores, under the same brand, that do not have that marking label. Thus we suspect that the toxic sugar is already in some of our stores as an experiment, to find out if anything happens.

Something has happened all right. We in our household are now declaring a ban on processed sugar. We will be using honey or maple syrup on our cereal in the morning from now on, I suppose. That is until Monsanto’s poisoned crops kill off all the honeybees and Monsanto’s new GM trees kill off the sugar maples.