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Alien Intervention?

The Unseen Enemy
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Invasion of the Body Snatchers; A True Story?

By James Donahue

Suppose an alien race of beings secretly invaded the Earth many thousands of years ago and still live among us.

Suppose that these beings are four or five-dimensional. . . that they live in a parallel universe but have the capability of existing as spirits, completely invisible to us in our three-dimension world. And suppose they can communicate with us by mental thought, but that is all they can do. Because they exist in spirit form, they can not touch us. They cannot force us to do anything.

Also suppose that, like any invading force, this alien race sought from the start to control us. We were in the process of evolving and the aliens knew that if we ever developed our mental powers, began reading minds and leaving our bodies, they would be found out. Also, because we have the potential of becoming mentally more powerful than them, we have the capability of controlling them and, if we choose, destroying them. So the decision was made to do everything possible to block our natural evolution into full human consciousness.

Now suppose these beings discovered that they could use their thoughts to control us, putting a variety of ideas in our heads. Because they were living in our space, possibly even feeding on our energy, they knew we would eventually become conscious of their existence. So they developed a master plan. They created the concept of an external god who made all things, including a host of "angels" placed on Earth to serve mankind, and used key individuals to convince the other members of the community to believe the stories.

Consequently, all world cultures, from the Far East to the separated tribes living in remote corners of the planet, share a belief in some form of a "god" that must be worshipped, sacrificed to, and served. It is necessary to do these things so that the people will enjoy good hunts, good weather for an adequate harvest, and all of the other so-called blessings an external god can deliver. Consequently, over the years, there emerged a complex number of different belief systems, all of them hinging on the former existence of special "messengers from God."

The belief systems not only deal with the blessings the gods can deliver in this lifetime, but, because we all possess souls that pass on to the other dimension after our bodies in this universe wear out and die, the aliens gave us another great lie. This involves a system of rewards and punishments for "keeping the faith" and serving the gods well during this life. Thus the religions of the world all have a built-in fear factor that keeps humans in lock step with the alien program of mass slavery.

This system, introduced to a race of people invaded unaware, would be ingenious. Because they could not see the aliens, or realize that they were busy manipulating our thoughts, humans would never suspect they were being controlled.

You would think that if such an event did happen, and people found out about it, they would be very angry.

But also suppose that because these aliens live in a place where there is no time, they can see the future. And they know that at a certain moment, very talented people would arrive who could see through the deception and take steps to expose it. Consequently, a "damage control" was built into the religious belief system. In Christianity, it includes grave warnings of a terrible person who would come into the world. This person would serve the dark master of sin. . . a bad and fallen angel named Satan. He would show great powers, deceive a lot of people, and lead all of his followers into eternal judgment in a "lake of fire" where they would burn forever and ever.

Pretty crazy story isn't it?

Yet millions of people in this world know this story, believe every word of it, and never dare to question it.

Ask any Christian believer and he or she will tell you about the angels, about the love of an external God, and tell how terrified they are of the antichrist, an evil deceiver who is expected to come into the world and challenge their faith. There probably isn't a Christian preacher alive who has not issued that dire warning from the pulpit a hundred times. Every Christian expects to be forced to make a very hard decision when the antichrist rises to power. They identify him as a magician who shows great signs and wonders and fools millions. Those who do not follow this terrible person will be tortured and killed. But their souls will go to heaven to live with Jesus. This is the price they must pay to gain eternal bliss. The others will be eternally punished for daring to leave the path to "salvation."

It would be brilliant strategy on the part of the alien powers. With this kind of story interwoven in the cultural myth, it would be difficult to get many people to believe anything else, even if someone could prove it the great lie.

All of this is, of course, a probable theory. Even if there was proof that aliens existed in a parallel dimension and sharing our space, how would we test the possibility that they are invading our minds? Those looking at this story from within the binding yoke of religious zeal will be quick to shut their ears and argue that the whole idea is "of the devil," and that by just writing down my thoughts, I have become Satan's spokesman.

But what if I had a way to show those willing to open their minds that this story is, at least, very plausible. That the possibility exists that the human race has been robbed of its psychic gifts, its freedoms, and its ability to reach a godly state of human consciousness. After all, part of our belief is that every human has his own personal guardian angel assigned, who leads our walk through life. We actually believe the angels are protecting us and even speaking to us on a spiritual level. We are collectively programmed to trust a force of invisible beings because we think they are here to serve us.

There is a test, although most people are programmed to believe it is not possible. It involves the continued evolution of our minds by way of a spiritual pathway that connects the left and right hemispheres of our magnificent brains. It involves meditation and making ourselves aware of our inner light and turning on that light. It involves love of ourselves and all around us. It involves opening up to our higher self and following the call of the soul, or the light of the creator. It involves awakening to the god within.

When and if we can achieve this new state of being, the veil that separates us from the hidden spirit world around us begins to tear. This is when we discover the power within. We discover that we can not only leave our bodies and visit that parallel world at will, but we can change our world at will. We can telecommunicate with others like ourselves. And we can tap into the collective unconsciousness library that contains all thought and all knowledge since the beginning of human existence.

Once we reach this mental state, the world holds no secrets. We mentally know our origins, who we are, how we strayed from the spiritual path we should have followed, and what we must to do find the bliss and happiness we all seek.

It is told by the masters, including the Abba Father, that there is soon to be an ascension; that the earth is going to go through a dramatic change and move into a new dimension. The humans who are ready will find themselves living on this changed earth. Just when and how this is going to happen is not clear. Before it happens, however, we will be passing through some very difficult times.

As we battle against overpopulation, pollution, food and water shortages, extreme weather changes, plagues, wars and global economic collapse, it is clear to all that the prophecy of difficult times is coming true before our eyes.

As we watch world leaders struggle with these problems, and continually make wrong decisions, we begin to believe in human possession. Something . . . is it an invisible alien entity . . . appears to be in control of their minds. They choose war instead of peace. They declare hate instead of love. They choose personal wealth instead of what is best for the people they are elected to serve.

Indeed, the evidence is strong that humanity has been held in the grip of some evil force that has blocked our natural spiritual evolution for thousands of years. Whether that force came from other worlds or was created as egregores or demons by our own twisted minds is yet to be determined. What we know is that it is time for us to break free of this insanity and prepare ourselves for the grant ascension to come.

This isn’t going to be a savior coming down out of the clouds and living the chosen few up into the clouds. The Abba Father says it will be a major change that occurs right here on earth. When asked to describe what happens he said: “the world will be adjusted and turned inside out.”