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Angels – What Are They And Why Are They Here?

By James Donahue

For several years, while under the influence of a concept of Luciferianism, we were taught that angels were the enemy. We were told, and sadly I wrote proclamations, stating that angels were really the villains in the spiritual realm while the demons, or fallen angels, were the good guys.

Thus we were much like the Satanists, we were mocking the church by turning everything Christian upside down and backward, we were doing it in a more serious vein. Black was perceived as white. Good was perceived as evil. Nothing was as it seemed. The events that tore us away from that cultic concept have since turned my wife and me on a new spiritual path. Yet many of the things we discovered while exploring the fundamentals of reality remain somewhat fixed in my mind. I still question reality and understand that nothing is ever as it seems. However, there is evidence that we possess the ability to change things by mere thought because the creator god exists within us all. All living things appear to be part of the whole.

Even as we were considering the interesting idea that the angels were the evil spiritual forces that created religiosity to entrap humans in their own earth-bound hell, we were making personal contact with the archangel Michael. Needless to say, in that relationship, we found a paradox. Michael was constantly at our side, especially in times of peril, and he was often in communication with Doris, providing important guidance at times when it was most needed. Thus we found no evidence that evil existed in Michael.

We always know when Michael is near. He evokes a pale purple color that can fill a room when it is present. I have written before about the time when I drove a lonely trip from Texas north to Iowa and then east to Michigan non-stop with a violent snow storm nipping at my heels. I drank coffee and Mountain Dew and munch peanuts to stay awake, and I called on the spiritual forces around me to help me get through the ordeal. In those dark hours, driving through the night, it was comforting to see that I was wrapped in the soft violet glow of Michael’s presence.

When in Arizona, my wife was trying out a new job in Winslow while we were renting a room in nearby Holbrook, she booked a motel room there for the week while I needed to stay in Holbrook. One night while she was alone in that room, there was a drunken brawl just outside her door. At least two men, perhaps more were involved in a bloody fistfight and objects were flying, some of them striking her door. Doris said she was comforted when the room filled with Michael’s violent glow. She knew she was going to be just fine. And she was.

When I wrote negative stories about angels, I always felt as if I was betraying entities that were present to serve, rather than harm. Yet there were times when I left the body and found strange creatures, shaped somewhat like owls or penguins, in our presence. Artists have drawn these figures in old European cathedrals, depicting them as angelic forms. I once came home to find our apartment filled with these entities, and many of them attaching themselves to my wife, who was lying ill on the couch. I chased them off and she quickly revived. Thus I perceived her being attacked by angels.

Looking back at that incident, I now believe they were something else. They were but a band of egregors, strange energies created in our minds or that can emerge from the spirit world to do our will or disrupt our lives, whatever their purpose was to have been. Could they have been sent by someone else?

So what are angels? Are they egregors as well? I think not. There seems to be a real spirit world out there that is filled with life forms, many of whom have an impact on the human drama. We ourselves were in spirit form before we entered these earthly bodies, and someday we will return to that realm.

The angel has been well-known to humans for centuries. The very name angel comes from the Greek word aggelos, or Latin word angelus, from the Hebrew word for “one sent” or messenger.

The concept of angelic beings, acting as an intermediary between God and man, dates back as far as written history. The story is found  in the Semitic text left by the Sumerians of Babylonia. The Roman Catholic Church teaches that angels are God-created beings that are equal with man. And David, in his Eighth Psalm, proclaims that God “made (man) a little less than the angels.”

In our religious fervor, we have placed angels on a type of pedestal, making them attendants at the throne of the external God in Heaven, messengers to mankind who bear important information from the creator to humans, and divine agents governing the world. There even has evolved a belief that every person has his or her own personal “guardian angel” that remains with them throughout the years they are allowed to remain on Earth.

The angels played such a major part in the Christmas story that angelic figures are part of the ornaments erected to celebrate that religious holiday. Unlike the strange bat-like appearing images found in the old cathedrals, however, the Christmas angels are lovely humanoid figurines with wings, their mouths often open in song.

We also have the story of Lucifer and his horde of “fallen angels” who were cast out of Heaven by God and sentenced to live with us on Earth. And from this story emerges the concept of sin and corruption, and our need for redemption through faith in an invisible entity that is supposed to save us from eternal judgment and damnation.

All of this is mythology connected to religious belief systems that have evolved over centuries. The stories teach us nothing about just what angels really are, or why they exist.

There are various descriptions offered by spiritual teachers from outside the Christian influence. The Crystal Links site has an interesting concept. It describes angels as “souls who from the beginning of creation never lost contact with the Creator, never had physical lives and seek only to fulfill the will of the Creator.” This suggests that each of us may have been angelic at some time in the past, but chose to come into this dark realm and go through the pain of living here to learn important truths before returning to the spirit realm.

Some believe that we come here as babes, without memory of who or what we were, and spend our lives having to unlock this great mystery. But we are surrounded with so much historical mythology and fabricated religion, generated by so many years of our continual existence on this planet, that few of us manage to rise above the darkness by the time our lives come to an end. They say that when this happens, we are doomed to repeat the trip in yet another body, and continue this cycle, living down all of the bad karma generated in the previous lives, until we get it right. Only then can we escape this place and go home among the angels.

But have we run out of time? Is this why we are getting so much help now from entities like the Abba Father and the Ascended Masters walking among us? Is there a rush to get our spirits out of these bodies this time around, or fail trying?

Those of us preparing for the looming ascension, or transformation that is about to occur, are instructed by the Abba Father and the Ascended Masters to awaken the light force within us, and transmit the light we have always had but forgot. Only in this way can we prepare ourselves for the ascension, or escape from this existence to the new world of light. The Crystal Links angelic description notes that angels are “beings of light energy” and “come with a frequency of unconditional love.”

This is the mental state we are seeking as we prepare for what some are calling a “return to a higher level of consciousness.”

The question then is this: If the god exists within each of us, and our work involves awakening the light within and learning to transmit unconditional love, are we not angels trapped in human form?