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Centaur Reality Theory Is Full Of Holes

By James Donahue

A reader posted a link to a story suggesting that some scientists believe rock paintings depicting centaurs and other teriantrops offer the probability such creatures may have actually existed in the distant past.

For clarification, the centaur is a mythical creature said to have the upper torso of a human attached to the body of a horse.

The writer suggested that such creatures were cross-hybrids of humans and animals following physical copulation in the forests of the ancient past. The story also suggested that if centaurs existed, then the midwayers observed by mystics of India and portrayed in art as creatures with human bodies and heads of elephants, also resulted from cross-breeding.

All of which reaches a point of absurdity when you think about it. While there are wild stories of humans attempting sexual gratification with cows, horses and a variety of other farm critters, the concept of actual breeding of a hybrid between horse and human would have to be a physical impossibility. It just doesn't happen.

The thought of humans and elephants copulating goes beyond the point of absurdity. And there is nothing more to be said on that topic.

Other than genetic experimentation between plants, the only successful cross-breeding among animals that we know of has been between a lion and tiger to produce ligers, and a horse and donkey to have mules. Also we have a wide variety of dogs breeds. All of these animals are closely related. Both ligers and mules are sterile so they cannot reproduce more of themselves.

If cross breeding between humans and animals did produce offspring, I fear that this planet would be filled with many more peculiarities than already exist.

Consequently, when we see a story like the centaur theory, we have to write it off as a joke. I swear that some writers post stories like this with their tongues jammed squarely in their cheeks. They could almost qualify as writers for the Onion, a well-known American satirical publication.

Nevertheless, the story contains some degree of credibility since it quotes “authorities; Paul Takon of the Australian Museum in Sydney and Christopher Chippendale of the University of Cambridge, who say they believe centaurs and other creatures like them may once have lived side by side with early primates.

The story says that in Australia and South Africa, dozens of rock paintings depicting animals with human heads, that may be over 32,000 years old, have been uncovered. The researchers suggest that primitives probably drew what they saw and these creatures may actually have existed in the remote past.

The centaur myth originates in Greece and was passed down to the Romans. The centaur, like other odd mythological creatures, were said to have been strange beings that came down out of the sky. In fact, many of the constellations of stars are named for the Greek deities whose stories are passed down to us through ancient mythology.

And this gives us a clue as to the real origin of these stories. The Genesis story of gods coming out of the heavens to copulated with the women of earth and produced children exhibiting marvelous powers is among them.

It may be yet another version of the story of the serpent in the garden. Some believe this was a memory of an alien race of beings that came among early Earth primates and implanted alien genetic changes to create contemporary humans. The theory is that the story was passed down for centuries and eventually became deeply implanted not only in human memory and mythology, but deep in our subconscious knowledge of what really happened.

People all over the world even today claim to observe strange creatures that should not exist. Big Foot, the Loc Ness Monster, moth man and chupacabra are but a few of them. Are they projections from our own minds, like holographic projections? If the god exists in us, and we all create our own universe, are we not changing the world by mere thought? And if this is true, then could not the centaur, like the unicorn, have been a holographic projection from the creators of the world as it existed in an earlier time?

The midwayre, on the other hand, is a different thing. From all we can learn of them, they are real creatures that have lived on the earth with man for many thousands of years. They seem to exist in a spiritual realm, rather in three-dimensional “reality.” Thus the only humans that see them are those with the third eye open; the mystics and psychics who can see beyond the veil. The midwayre are gigantic creatures with long trunks that somewhat resemble the modern elephant.