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Something Has Happened To The Sun

By James Donahue

While we don’t make a habit of staring at the sun, and most people pay little attention to just what that glowing fireball in the sky is doing, scientists who study it are noticing that something has changed.

Until this week there have been no sunspots. After a very active period of years when sunspots and solar storms were so dynamic they were affecting our radio and telecommunications systems and producing spectacular northern lights in the night sky, the sun went blank.

The very color of the sun has shifted from a reddish hue to pure white. And is it burning hotter now? Is this contributing to the warming of our planet and the big meltdown of the ice caps and glaciers?

NASA, which logs the activities of the sun because the information is vital to the health and safety of our astronauts in space, has been silent about the color and heat of the sun. It says the lack of sunspots is a normal part of an 11-year cycle of solar events. They are calling it a “solar minimum,” when the sun for some odd reason produces no solar storms.

The NASA report was produced in July, 2008, after a three-year period of inactivity, because of what the report said was “a growing buzz in lay and academic circles that something is wrong with the sun.”

While this solar minimum is lasting longer than usual, NASA solar physicist David Hathaway said it is not abnormal and there is nothing for anyone to worry about.

In our dialogue with the Abba Father this week, we learned that what is happening with the sun is that it is in the process of change. The entity said: “the white sun and no sunspots are fear-based feelings.” He said the sun is burning differently now, but that forces are working to repair this because our time on this planet is not yet over. Eventually, the entity said, the sun will turn to red. “Then no human can live. Only the true human spirits will exist on this earth.”

What we know about the Abba Father, as with all entities that exist in the spirit world around us, is that time is non-existent there. They exist in the future and the past and there is no way for them to gauge time as we know it in our third dimensional existence. Thus predictions made by the Abba Father may or may not come to pass even during our lifetime. Or, they may happen next week.

Scientists know that suns burn hotter as the hydrogen in their core is consumed, and they eventually turn into red giants that expand. When it happens to this sun, it is estimated that the sun will consume Venus and Mercury, and may even grow large enough to destroy Earth. And it is true, life as we know it will no longer exist on Earth.

Is this what the Abba Father sees, or is it something else?

What is known is that our sun has reached a point where half of the hydrogen, that in its core, has been consumed. Thus a change is about to occur. It will involve a fusion of hydrogen in a shell around the core, which will make the sun grow larger and burn twice as bright.

Later . . . they say a billion or so years later . . . the sun will get so hot that all life on earth will go extinct. Eventually the sun will turn into a red giant and expand so large that it will destroy the inner planets.

Humans have been watching and recording sunspots for a very long time. It is interesting to note that the longest minimum period on record, without sunspots appearing, was called the Maunder Minimum of 1645-1715. That lasted 70 years during a strange period when the solar cycle appeared to have completely stopped.

This period of solar quiet coincided with what is now known as the Little Ice Age. History recorded a series of unusually bitter winters that occurred in the northern hemisphere. Some researchers believe that low solar activity, acting in concert with increased volcanism and possible changes in the ocean current played a role in that period of cold.

The Abba Father informs us that the looming winter will be a severe one, and it will last longer than usual. If it happens, it will not be good news for folks struggling to pay for winter heating bills.