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Divine Soul Evolution – Masters Say Transformation Has Begun

By James Donahue

The miracle that is happening in the world has been given many names and has been described in many different ways so it may be confusing anyone attempting to get a grasp on what to expect. Some have referred to it as the “quickening,” astrologer Risa D’Angeles calls it a “transformation,” the mystics speak of an “enlightenment,” and the Abba Father and Archangel Michael speak of the “ascension.”

Spiritual teachers Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa say they have received communication from the Ascended Master St. Germaine and will be leading an estimated 1,000 “pillars of light,” or enlightened followers to India to gather beside the River Ganges on Dec. 17. They will gather to “raise the Dome of Divine Protection.” People of light from all over the world are asked to share that same time of meditation and give their support to the planet. The event will occur at 11 a.m. in India. In the United States it will be Dec. 16 at 9:30 p.m. Pacific Time or 12:30 p.m. Dec. 17 Eastern Time.

The message from St. Germaine is that “the time of rapid acceleration has already begun and the time of the core reconfiguration of your world is upon you.”

As we have listened to the stories we must admit that we also have been struggling with a full understanding of what they are all talking about. To the best of our understanding, we are all getting a glimpse of a major earth change that is starting to occur even now and will continue through the year 2012 or beyond. If all goes well we will exist in a brave new world at the other end.

The astrologers said a certain rare alignment of the planets on Nov. 26 indicated that the exact beginning of the transformation occurred that day just a few minutes after five o’clock in the afternoon, Pacific Time, or eight o’clock Eastern Time.

Most predictors, including the Abba Father, forecast difficult times ahead that will include government upheavals, food shortages, extreme weather changes, economic disaster and world-wide panic. The Abba Father says the changes will start slowly at first and then pick up momentum. He says things will be getting strange for a while but these events “must happen in order to put things in balance.”

The Gaiamind website said “not since the Great Depression of the 1930s have Saturn, Uranus and Pluto been configured in such a challenging array. Given the current momentum of global ecological destruction, this time this configuration will most likely coincide with a severe global ecological crisis and associated economic upheaval.”

D’Angeles warns of spiritual and possibly physical warfare ahead. “The years leading up to winter solstice 2012 are preparatory years wherein all that we have done and accomplished in the past thousands of years will be reviewed and restructured, as everything we know will alter. That which is not sustainable, life-affirming, and for the well-being of earth, and her kingdom, will be shattered so a new government, new order, new ways of life and an equitable and sharing economy can emerge.”

The Abba Father describes it in a single brief sentence. He said the “world will be adjusted and turned inside out so a new time comes.’

At one time because Abba Father was using the word ascension, we had the impression that the entire world will be moving into a new dimension. Those people who connect with their soul and turn on the light that exists within get to ascend to this new world and start all over. That may be what is happening, but there is a little more to it than this.

He explained that the election of Barack Obama as the next President of the United States will help shift the balance in a spiritual war raging between forces of darkness and light. If he fails and the people who support terror win out, and nations choose to go into nuclear warfare, the world will plunge into a period of great despair and possible human extinction.

The Abba Father’s instructions are for all humans to stay focused on love, no matter what happens. We also should plan ahead for survival by stocking up on food and water. Throughout the events that will come, we are directed to “fight those who do not love one another. Don’t let them win. Rise above all anguish. Rise above death. Make room for others. Kings must love. Love will unite all.”

Notice how President-Elect Obama is choosing unification as he builds his new cabinet and deals with former political enemies. His actions demonstrate the way all world leaders must choose to behave during the challenging times that face us all.

We learned something else during our latest communication with the Abba Father. It seems that we never really die once we inhabit a body on this planet. The spirit that is us continues to pass from one lifetime to another, each time living out certain karma generated during the previous lifetime, and always searching for the right spiritual pathway so that we can personally ascend to the state of mind that makes us worthy to pass on to the new parallel world.

If we fail to ascend we are then committed to what could be an eternity of returning to Earth to live in the mess we created during our previous lives. This, in a strange sense, is a perfect form of justice. We have collectively chosen to ravage, overpopulate and pollute our once perfect planet, creating warring nations filled with religious extremists who do all they can to create hell-on-earth for all. If we cannot rise above this through spiritual atonement within our lifetime, we must stay here in our misery for as long as it takes to get it all right.

That the world appears to be going through some kind of dynamic transformation now may mean that we have been playing this game too long and that we have run out of time. That so many of the ascended masters have gathered among us to help teach all who will choose the pathway to enlightenment may mean this is going to be humanity’s final chance to connect to the soul. The ascended masters and the archangels are getting involved in a last-ditch effort to get as many of us through the loop as possible before the door slams shut.