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The Unseen Enemy
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The Living Planet Earth

By James Donahue

And God made the beast of the earth after his kind, and cattle after their kind, and every thing that creepeth upon the earth after his kind: and God saw that it was good.” Gen. 1:24

To grasp an understanding of how the process of the creation of life occurred we must, essentially, experience a paradigm shift. That is, we must throw out all of the false concepts of an external god figure commanding living things to emerge from the mud of the Earth. These false images were implanted in our heads by organized religion since we were children. We need, instead, to adopt a more pagan way of thinking.

We must recognize our planet as a living, sentient being. The Native Americans call her the Mother Earth, and they are quite correct.

It is correct that it was from the soil of the Mother Earth that all life now existing on this planet, and that ever existed here, sprang. And because nothing in nature is wasted, it is back to the soil that the bodies return when life ends. Throughout our lives our bodies constantly rebuild living cells and tissue. In the same way, the Earth creates and recreates a variety of life during its own lifetime. 

From a larger perspective, we envision the Earth is a part of a living Universe. Life of all forms exists throughout the universe. Our astronomers see it in the constant movement of the stars, the planets and the moons. We see it in the motion of the galaxies. Everything is in motion everywhere we look.

The light from the distant stars is recorded history. It takes millions of years for it to reach our eyes. Understanding this may help us grasp the concept of information. That is what the universe and all of the things in seem to be all about. We are part of a complex information system. For whatever reason, that is the purpose of our existence.

I once heard it said that humans were created for a very special purpose . . . to see and place information in a collective subconscious library of data that makes it possible for the universe to achieve self awareness.

Are we not, then, products of the universe itself? Is the universe not the great energy that we refer to as God? From this perspective, we are but minute cells blinking for but a brief moment. We are gods within the God. Collectively we find ourselves but part of the eye, or perhaps the ear of the body. Because we are no more than ants in the yard, we find it impossible to grasp the significance of the whole. Yet our roles may be more vital than we can perceive. Without each of us existing and doing our part, the whole fails to function as effectively as intended.

Before our arrival on this planet there was creation. The Mother Earth built a beautiful and perfect garden for us to live. This included not only the grass, trees and scrubs, but flowers, birds, fish, and animals.

Is the Earth alone in this project? It is unlikely. That we are visited by signs and dreams of ships and alien beings suggests that life exists everywhere, and some of these entities, either in this universe or in a parallel dimension, appear concerned about our well-being.

Is the story of Noah a reflection of a time in the distant past when humans went through a similar crisis and received help from alien visitors? What was the mythological story of Atlantis and Lemur all about?

Our planet is not only alive, it is extremely old. So is the human race, and the remnant of intelligent beings that lived here before us. But astronomers who study the life of suns and planets in other parts of our universe know that suns burn out and planets burn up when suns go into those final stages. And the universe is busy rebuilding itself, just as our bodies are filled with living individual cells that live for a certain length of time, then die and are replaced by new cells.

That we are conscious living creatures who possess the amazing ability to construct monuments and record our own history appears to be unique. That more and more humans are discovering an ability to communicate with entities in a parallel universe suggests that there is something uniquely special about our presence in this dark, three-dimensional place.

Indeed, we are filled with the light of the creator. We have the power and duty to love, but we were given the gift of choice. And with this comes the fantastic ability to participate in the progression of the creation. We can collectively manufacture the world in which we live by mere thought, and make choices between an existence filled with love and light, or darkness and suffering. Strangely, few of us have been on the path of love and light, even though it is taught by everything in nature that surrounds us. The earth, the trees, the creatures, and every blade of grass under our feet emanate a perfect and unconditional love for us.

Thus it is our task . . . our test . . . to find the correct pathway during our brief journey through this dark place, and learn this important lesson. As creatures of this planet, we have an obligation to love and care for the mother that provides for us. That love extends to the beast of the earth, the cattle of the field, all things that creepeth and especially our fellow man.