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Painful Transformational Shift Seen Starting Wednesday

By James Donahue

Whether you believe in their craft or not, it is interesting that the folks with their eyes on the stars are predicting something important occurring on Wednesday, Nov. 26. They have even pinned the exact moment it begins.

Esoteric Astrologer Risa D’Angeles of Santa Cruz, California, writes in her website this week that the “Sun enters Sagittarius on Friday and Pluto enters Capricorn, a long awaited astrological milestone leading to transformational change, Wednesday at 5:03 p.m. (Pacific Time).” That is 2:03 p.m. Eastern in the U.S. Since this effect will be felt everywhere in the world, get your time charts out to see the time it happens where you live.

Zodiac forecaster Jonathan Cainer writes on his site: “Uranus changes direction later this week. For the first time in a long while, not a single planet will be retrograde. Add that to the ‘quickening’ process, much spoken of by mystics, the downing of an era known as the “Sixth Day’ in the Mayan Calandar and a historic new president of the USA. It all forms a picture of rapid, positive change.

How will we be affected by this event? There are distinct differences of opinion. Cainer, who appears quite alone in his opinion, sees an immediate bright future ahead. “How can that fit with a loss of momentum for commerce and a loss of prosperity for millions? It can’t! The outgoing economic tide will turn almost as soon as it touches the horizon. Those who fear much worse trouble ahead are looking in the wrong direction. It’s behind us!”

D’Angeles notes that the last time Pluto entered Capricorn was at the time of the French Revolution. This astrological event has a profound effect on world governments and events and means change coming for all humanity. She writes that this event will be felt for the next 26 years, “with the next four years seeing the profoundest changes.”

From the Gaiamind website we read that the planets will align in a T-Cross in 2010, a forecast of what “could be the most difficult configuration of our time. Not since the Great Depression of the 1930s have Saturn, Uranus and Pluto been configured in such a challenging array. Given the current momentum of global ecological destruction, this time this configuration will most likely coincide with a severe global ecological crisis and associated economic upheaval.”

The Gaiamind sees a brighter future that may be waiting on the other side of the trouble, however. “The most skillful way to regard such an eventuality may be to see this as an inevitable consequence of our current trajectory and as an opportunity for a collective global psycho-spiritual death-rebirth process which we as a species must apparently undergo.”

D’Angeles also foresees a restructuring of the earth after a period of extreme hardship. She writes: “The next four years will be times of completion. The years leading up to winter solstice 2012 are preparatory years wherein all that we have done and accomplished in the past thousands of years will be reviewed and restructured, as everything we know will alter. That which is not sustainable, life-affirming, and for the well-being of earth and her kingdom, will be shattered so a new government, new order, new ways of life and an equitable and sharing economy can emerge.”

D’Angeles warns that the shift will be painful because forces of darkness will be in battle against the light, but in the end “love and unity will eventually prevail” and a new “Kingdom of the Soul” will have been created. “We will enter in extreme upheaval to arrive there. As forces of darkness, distortion and destruction are uncovered a furious battle between the dark and light, already begun, will accelerate. . . Each of us and all aspects of our life will be affected personally and globally.”

She urges all people of the light to “think about our food sources because food soon will become a currency. As Virgo moon (this week) is a detailed and organized sign, it is good to think about what we will need to sustain ourselves in the near future. It is suggested that we should begin to invest in tangibles – foods, water, medicines, land, creating communities.”

So what does the Abba Father have to say about all this? If you have been reading this site, you already know that we have been receiving notice of a major change that is looming. He once said this change will be like the “earth has been turned inside out.” Was that a reference to global panic and turmoil? In the end, it will amount to ascension for the people of the light. But before we reach the new world we must endure perilous times.

The Abba Father said a lot of people will panic Wednesday because a time shift will occur that will be strong enough everybody will notice it. The entity said there will be “rushing people to buy food in large quantities. They won’t know why they need so much but calm will not come that day.”

Abba Father advises us to stay focused in love, no matter what happens, and to plan ahead for survival by stocking up on food and water. The change will began slowly at first and pick up momentum until the transformation is completed. “You will not leave earth, but will become transformed there and your mind will not know what happened. This is how you will ascend.”

He said there is no need to worry about the future. Things will be getting strange for a while but these events “must happen in order to put things in balance. Fear will come to many. This will put back the ones who are not ready for change.”

We are instructed by the Abba Father to “fight those who do not love one another. Don’t let them win. Rise above all anguish. Rise above death. Make room for others. Kings must love. Love will unite all. Open up gates of fears also. Dealing with this will be the hardest to face.”