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Abba Father: Obama Will Win In A Landslide!

By James Donahue

The entity that communicates with my wife, Doris J. Donahue, this week predicted that Barack Obama would be elected the next president of the United States, and that it will be a landslide victory.

In a special session on Sept. 22, the Abba Father appeared to be saying that a decision had been made by powers that oversee human events and that Senator Obama has been selected to lead the United States in the next term. We were told that Obama's victory in November would be the beginning of a restoration of America as a lighthouse for a united world of peace and harmony.

He (Obama) will unite all,” the Abba Father said. “The world will be without borders. Wars will cease. A world at peace will come quickly. His tone is right.”

The message went on to say that Obama will free the people who have unjustly been held in prisons because of the so-called War On Terror, he will open the Mexican border to allow the people there to work in the United States, bring home the troops, repair relations with other world nations, and “lead the United States toward peace with all.”

The Abba Father said the Obama Administration will reach out to help the poor and homeless, provide shelter and jobs, and apparently correct many of the invasions of American Constitutional rights by the present administration. “Freedom will ring louder than before,” the entity said. “Our anthem will mean what it says. Obama is a real leader of mankind. He gets people’s hearts leaving no one behind. All are equal; no man is better than another.”

Note that the list of accomplishments predicted by the Abba Father are things that can be done without a major expenditure of money. It is unfortunate that President Bush and his gang of thieves ravaged America’s coffers during the eight years he has held the high office. They started with a $559 billion surplus at the end of the Clinton Presidency, and plunged the nation into an estimated multi-billion dollar deficit in an accounting system that hides an estimated $3 trillion cost of the Iraq War effort and does not include another estimated $1 trillion for a financial bail-out of bankrupt banks and lending institutions.

If lawmakers approve the Bush bailout package, the outgoing president, marked as the worst in the history of the United States, will have succeeded in bankrupting the nation. It will thus be hard for Mr. Obama and his staff to institute new programs that have been sorely needed on the home front.

These programs include a national health insurance program, improved education on all levels with financial help reaching as high as colleges and universities, rebuilding of a crumbling infrastructure of water, sewer, road and utility systems, and development of green technology to get the nation off of its dependence on dwindling oil and gas reserves.

Mr. Obama also is proposing a revised income tax system that takes the pressure off the poor and middle class, and puts the burden on higher income earners and big corporations that have been getting a free ride under the Bush Administration.

He also wants to repair organized labor in the United States and give corporate incentives for providing more jobs in the United States. Those US industries that moved overseas to find low-cost labor will be heavily taxed.

If the Abba Father is correct, and Obama wins his office in a landslide victory, it also will mean that all of the data fed us by the talking heads on our television screens each night has either been a lie, or the pollsters were very wrong in collecting it. They currently have Obama and McCain running almost neck-and-neck in another presidential horse race.

It will mean that American voters were not fooled this time around. They will have made the right choice.