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Dramatic Weather Events Are

Upon Us - Worried Yet?

By James Donahue

The nation this year reels from the army of mile-wide tornadoes marching across the landscape, struggles against flooding rainfall in places where it never happened before, and worries about unusual drought, one-hundred mile-per-hour straight winds that topple trees and tear roofs from homes, and brace for an onslaught of expected hurricanes soon to be upon us.

Those of us old enough to remember the “big storms” of the past know that they were rare. They were the kind of thing that people talked about for years afterward. Now they are coming on us so frequently that we don’t have time to mark them down in our memories as something to be long remembered. Something worse appears to be just around the corner.

Is anybody getting worried? We notice that the television weather pontificators are talking about these storms in scientific terms, explaining how warm and cold   air fronts are to be blamed, or speaking of such things as El-Nina or El-Nino, or the cooling and heating of the oceans. They are basically assuring the nation that we are observing something unusual all right, but there is nothing to get alarmed about.

Move along folks, nothing to see here.

We notice that NBC News anchor Bryan Williams is beginning to ask the questions. With almost every major weather event, like the recent run of tornadoes, the record March heat wave across the land, and the lack of much of a winter anywhere in the United States, Williams invites some weather specialist to appear on his show. He always asks if global warming, alias climate change, is linked to these odd weather phenomena. And he rarely gets a straight answer.

Remember that the weather people, the talking heads on our television screen, and the networks that produce the weather and news programming are financed largely by big corporations that do not want us to change our demand for fossil fuels and the many gadgets they produce using energy generated from the burning of those fuels. Doing something about weather change would mean taking drastic action. And that kind of activity is bound to hurt corporate profits.

Thus the strategy is to keep the sheeple calm and keep telling them all is well. What you are seeing here is a normal weather pattern. Politicians and some (paid) scientists are still denying proof of global warming. Scientific journals are still publishing articles suggesting that the world has always gone through cycles of warming and cooling. Nothing to worry about folks.

But alarming warnings are coming from many scientists who have been very aware of what is happening. The latest edition of Scientific American, for example, carries the first of an extensive three-part series of articles by award winning science writer John Carey titled: “Storm Warnings: Extreme Weather Is a Product of Climate Change.”

In the articles, Carey, the former editor of Science Magazine, shows how the increase in violent storms, once only a prediction of climate models, have become “a matter of observation.” They are no longer a theory. The storms, the droughts, the melting ice caps, the extreme winters and rising sea levels have become a reality.

The Abba Father, an entity that claims to be one of “the old ones” who watch over the Earth, has warned that the time has come for humans to turn away from materialism and to look to spiritual matters, learn to love one another and to love the planet. He says we must stop mining and drilling into the planet for gold and oil because the living Mother Earth is sick and needs time to rest and recover.

The Abba Father has warned that “in May of this year bad storms will cripple the United States.” He also warns that “events will come that make it harmful to process food and other resources.”

Take heed earthlings. The most important concern this political season is climate change. It is not money, jobs, contraception, gay or women’s rights or oil. Yet not a single candidate for office is daring to speak of it.