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Is The Mother Earth Sending Republicans A Message?

By James Donahue

Call it poetic justice, or perhaps intelligent design, but the timing of Hurricane Gustav, and with a second potential hurricane Hanna building just off the East Coast, is doing a good job of ruining the planned Republican National Convention.

After a successful Democratic Party Convention highlighted by much fanfare, music and powerful speeches by both Bill and Hillary Clinton, former Vice-President Al Gore and of course the party nominee Barack Obama, the GOP was poised to strike back hard this week from a planned follow-up gathering in St. Paul.

Gustav put a big crump in those plans, which included introducing the nation to John McCain’s unexpected pick for a vice-presidential running mate, Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin. Palin, a relatively unknown among not only national political circles but even Republicans, badly needed some lime light if she expects to be a successful contender and help the McCain campaign for the nation’s top job.

After all, time is running out. Voters make their choice Nov. 4, in just two months.

Instead of stabbing back at Obama and the Democratic campaign platform, and outlining just where they stand on issues, the McCain steamroller has been almost brought to a complete halt by another Katrina-like hurricane that is ripping through the off-shore oil drilling rigs in the Gulf and then striking towns from Florida west to the Texas border.

If Hanna builds and causes any issues along the East Coast later this week, the GOP’s entire affair is going to be thrown into disarray.

We see the storm and the timing of its arrival as a form of spiritual and ecological justice. After all, this gang of Republican thugs has been riding high for the past eight years at the expense of our planet and its deteriorating eco-system. The Bush Administration which has been acting under the banner of Christian conservatism, has all but dismantled the Environmental Protection Agency, turned its back on the Kyoto Treaty and all other efforts by world nations to put a cop on greenhouse gas emissions, and blatantly refused to acknowledge that global warming even exists.

This was the administration that launched two wars that were highly profitable to certain big business interests, ran the national economy into bankruptcy and left hundreds of thousands of Americans out of work, homeless and destitute.

Gustav appears to be the beginning of payback after years of failing to join world leaders in a movement to curb global warming and hopefully put the brakes on storms like this. Unfortunately a lot of innocent people are getting caught up in the misery of not only fleeing the storms, but losing their homes, their jobs and their way of life.