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Hadron Collider Effect?

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Abba Father Warns Major Earth Changes About To Hit

By James Donahue

When world physicists switch on that controversial 17-mile-long Hadron Collider at the French-Swiss border and begin putting protons in collision at the speed of light on Sept. 10 they admit they do not know what to expect. Some suggest it will be a recreation of the big bang origin of the universe; that it may be, in effect, the world’s first time machine; or that it could create a black hole that will eventually swallow the earth and our solar system.

Michael E. Peskin, of the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center at Stanford University, said the team operating the collider will “probe energies beyond those explored at any previous accelerator, and we hope to create particles that have never been observed.”

And Peskin, perhaps jokingly suggests “couldn’t we, then, create particles that would actually be dangerous?” As an example, he offers the thought that such newly created particles might “eat normal matter and eventually turn the earth into a blob of unpleasantness.”

Stirred on by the scientific quest to know, and assurances by many fellow researchers that the risks are minuscule, the team is anxiously rushing to prepare the collider for its first full test run. Will Sept. 10 be humanity's doomsday, or the beginning of an irreversable change that will affect us all and possibly threaten our rush to extinction?

Readers of this site may remember the July warnings by the Abba Father, a spiritual being that communicates through my wife, Doris, that something major is about to occur on this planet that will change everything and apparently move us into a new dimension. He predicts a pole shift that will happen so fast people fall down. There will be extreme heat that pours from the center of the earth. Mountains will collapse and the seas will disappear. Two thirds of the human race will perish. To survive, the Abba Father says humans need to be spiritually and mentally prepared for what is about to happen.

As we get closer and closer to the date of switching on the collider, the Abba Father message is getting stronger and stronger. There appears to be a connection.

In a special session on Aug. 24, the Abba Father said the operation of a certain “structure” will create a tone with a “resonance” that “will bring about destruction on earth. All plant life will no longer be available. The living creatures will eventually wither away. Fear among the rest will cause great alarm. No one can stop this from happening now.”

There appears to be a plan behind this looming event. The Abba Father said: “Bad forces want this to help bring about order. (This event will be ) forced on all humans on earth. The soil cannot produce food but this will not be known right away.”

He said the “truth was not out soon enough to set (this event) back. Resonance for humans was to become compatible with this wave of energy, but not enough humans participated in the right process. You there became bitter. The governments all around earth’s changing ideas were fixed on war. No one can see love anymore. (We are) faced now with extinction. Love will produce effective resonance but the force of this powerful way was hidden from all.”

The Abba Father scolded mankind for the way we have been operating on this planet. He said: “Products of a generation moved away from love and resisted hidden operation located in their brains. The simple way was denied all. All (was) forgotten on fear and destruction. (We) processed no light. (We) processed only deadly waves. Soon these waves will rise above any frequency known to mankind."

The Abba Father appeared to be referring to the collider when he said: "As we speak now a bigger picture comes that opening this gate will harm the earth. Harm turns into deadly tones. Put it back,” he pleads. “Don’t allow this. Kings on earth must listen now. Resist this. Move it back. Turn it down. Justice cannot come from this beam. Death will come slowly.”

The entity warns: “Tell fathers, tell mothers, tell brothers, sisters. Hold love deep within. Put love back. Put fears away. Nothing matters but truth and loving all. No wars. No agendas. Forgive all. Money will not help. Quickly make peace.”

The formula for surviving the looming disaster remains the same. Abba Father repeats his formula: “Strive for turning on your conscious mind. Open up your portals. Hear tender voices there. Get kingly ways now. Resonate love. Resonate love. Heart tones ring louder now. Keep up the heart tone now.

Bring together the brain frequency. Line up your mind with all then stop. Quietly hold on to love tones ringing there. Do this to repair the damage brought on by fear and hatred for others. Waves of energy and light will come to you. This energy is powerful. Only one way on earth now is (to) quickly rise above the hatred. Bring your tones up. Ban all negativity. This will prepare you for the coming field of energy. (You) cannot stop this structure now but consciousness can interrupt it. (It can) intercept the waves and slow them down.”

The Abba Father reminds us that are “cells are light beams, so integrate all to this way. Bring back light. Bring back love. Reconstruct your body with your mind. Become a resonating light source. Open the doors to a perception not known. There lies truth hidden for eons.”

He promises: “This defense mechanism is located inside everyone. No one is left out. Search now and power within will be activated. No more. No longer dead. You will be a total light being (and) very powerful.”