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Are Pollsters Lying Or Are

Americans That Gullible?

By James Donahue

As we watch our nightly television newscasts and check our daily news links on line we are amazed how polls appear to indicate a close “race” going on between the presidential candidates.

Having made our choice early on, we must admit that we watch such goings on with a biased eye. But nevertheless, any numbskull should see there is no real alternative if Americans really want to see change in Washington.

We must throw the bums out. And that means all of the Bush gang, including any members of the House and Senate who bought into the crimes committed by the current administration. That includes John McCain.

If voters think they like the way Bush has been running the country, throwing our schools into a financial and intellectual tail-spin with that nutty “no-child-left-behind” program, launching two unnecessary wars that have cost nearly 5,000 lives of American servicemen and women, the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi and Afghanistan civilians and committed our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren into a multi-trillion dollar war deficit, thrown America into a financial depression from which it may never recover, dismantled our Constitution and turned its back on the real critical issue of global warming, then McCain is their guy.

McCain is another Bush and there has been almost no effort to disguise it. He openly supports the Bush policies.

Barack Obama, on the other hand, may not be the perfect candidate either, but he will certainly be something different than what we have. He calls for ending the war, for altering the tax system to start paying for some of the debt incurred by the careless Bush Administration, for fixing the failed education system, and for using diplomacy to try to patch the U.S. relations with other nations of the world.

What we like about Obama is that he has charisma. He delivers speeches that pack the kind of punch the late John F. Kennedy used to have. A man with his personality has the potential of drawing us all together again as a single nation to deal with a multitude of issues that have been neglected for too long.

Unfortunately, even if he is elected, Mr. Obama will inherit such a huge debt and such a deep financial crisis that he may lack the tools he needs to fix much of anything. He could just be riding a dying horse as it makes it final plunge into the crevice of utter and hopeless despair. What is worse, the next president may be remembered as the man in office when America crashed as a great world nation.

Bush stole the office in 2000. His failures should have brought him down in 2004 but for some odd reason, voters gave him another term. That was enough time for him to wreck everything he could get his hands on.

The man will go down in history (if there is a history) as the worst president in the history of the United States. He should be tried for war crimes. He should have been impeached a long time ago. Unfortunately, it looks like Bush and all the thugs sharing office with him, are going to get away with their crimes.

If Americans buy into all of the political rhetoric that slams both Obama and now his running mate, Sen. Joe Biden, and choose the wrong man this fall, we believe the nation will lose any chance it might have had for recovery.