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Children In A Sand Box

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Building Bigger And More Powerful Bombs

By James Donahue

Search the Internet these days and you can find some scary reports of new technology being tested by military researchers as sources of bigger and more powerful bombs than the hydrogen and nuclear bombs we already have stashed away in world arsenals.

There are such concepts out there as a plasma bomb, a hafnium bomb, an electromagnetic bomb and probably a few others that are so secret even the web hackers haven't tapped into them as yet. The idea now is to develop weapons technology so that the first country that gets into space can literally take over the world by holding a doomsday device over everybody's head.

Indeed, there are such concepts as blowing up or sending the moon out of its orbit, which would have such an impact on the natural Earth cycles it would probably doom the human race. Other ideas suggest that certain frequencies or explosives aimed at the Earth from space could trigger massive earthquakes and possibly split continents.

The technologies of such devices escapes us, but the insanity of wanting to do such things certainly does not.

Since we already have the technology and the weaponry capable of wiping out an entire state or country in a single blast, and destroying our world from retaliation, why would anyone want to build an even larger and more powerful bomb? We suggest that our national leaders are comparable to little boys playing in a sandbox. Instead of comparing penis size, however, they have now reached a point where they are claiming that their bomb is bigger than the other guy's

So is it all about masculinity and ego? Men have taken over the world and through religious belief systems they have suppressed women for thousands of years. Rather than following a true spiritual path to attain knowledge of the god within, and find the power there, they have depended upon false religions of human construct that teach an unbalanced and impractical way of life.

These religions proclaim that war, male dominion, suffering and death are the proper way of living for all. They teach us to loath ourselves as souls born into sin, and they demand that we permit the angel to enter us and to take over our minds and bodies rather than think for ourselves.

So here we are, building monuments to honor our erect penis as we stand on our shores and slap our fists against our chests, proclaiming our power and daring the other forces of the world to try to knock us off our perch. Have we not seen this same behavior when we were children? There was always the kid at the top of the big pile of snow, or pile of lumber, beating his chest and daring the others to try to knock him off.

When world leaders behave like this, it is time to take stock in ourselves and ask questions as to just what path we have been following, and where it has lead us. Indeed, it is time for these chest beating Neanderthals to leave their perches and allow us to fill their vacancies with real leaders of wisdom who will be soft on war and receptive to restoring the planet and saving both man and beast from going extinct.

Bigger bombs are probably very possible, but they are not the answer. What is needed is open dialogue between all world leaders, an aggressive attempt to heal ancient wounds that still exist between cultures, and for everyone to collectively assess our precarious condition and reach some kind of agreement on what to do to save ourselves.

It is time for mankind to turn away from its raw grab for wealth and materialism, and for everyone to concentrate their minds and their hearts on the important things, like the people around us whom we love, and a collective search for truth as we make our way across the great river of life. Only in a journey of this magnitude can we find the peace and happiness that we crave.