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Sai Maa – A Life Changing Encounter

By James Donahue

For days after Her Holiness Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi placed her healing hands on us, we experienced a deep lethargy that forced us to rest and kept us from doing much more than what was necessary. Was it vampirism? Had she used her powers to drain our energy? Oh no, this was quite the opposite!

What happened to us was that this gifted woman used her body as a vessel to draw the light of the creator into us, thus bringing about an awakening. She calls it “Ananda Jyotir Diksha” or Light of Bliss Initiation, which floods the person receiving it with enlightenment. She once wrote that the process is a transformation in which there occurs an awakening of the Shakti of life that fills every cell in the body with the light of power and beauty.

All of the cells in our bodies went through this transformation, thus it was a major shock to our system. It took us several days to get back to full operational function, but once we did, we felt the change. Nothing was the same. There was a new awareness, a new vitality, a new spirit within us that gave us a hope that we thought we had lost.

How could this have happened? Was it magick? According to Sai Maa, we have always had the ability to do this by ourselves. We were born with it. But after coming into this dark and dense three-dimensional existence, and growing up in a society of blind and misguided people, we forgot who and what we are. We needed help so the masters, like Sai Maa, come among us to teach and motivate us to love and light.

An identical story is unfolding as we receive messages from the entity that identifies itself to us as The Abba Father. It is all about our need to open ourselves to a light source that has always been available to us, but hidden by a veil of religiosity, fear and social brainwashing.

Sai Maa writes in her book, Petals of Grace, that we all possess a divine blueprint, an embodiment of light that is just waiting to be activated. “Encoded in your DNA is the eternal truth, the ‘one breath’ of perfect union, the breath of Oneness. Through awareness and all together, we can love all and uplift the planetary consciousness of being peace itself, by bringing the light of the I AM Presence, the Paramatman, here for all.”

Sai Maa teaches that even after being shocked into consciousness, if we expect to reach fulfillment we must do the work. We must strive to be pure and to think pure thoughts. We cannot sit and do nothing and expect rewards. Rather, we must learn, practice, and teach the knowledge given to us by the great masters.

To help us follow through, Sai Maa has created something called “Brain Illumination Meditation,” a technique that helps us connect to the light to regularly purify the brain as well as the physical and subtle bodies. We have learned to use this technique, called diksha, on one another.

Indeed, it appears that we have only begun our journey down this new spiritual pathway. But after making so many bad choices down wrong paths in our past, how can we be sure this one is correct?

It seems that the pathways we followed in the past were not totally wrong. We just didn’t know how to correctly get where we wanted to go. For example, the Christian attempts to connect to an external god, and overlooks the fact that we must look within to find what we seek.

As one biographical report explained, “Sai Maa honors the many paths that lead us to God and embraces the spiritual traditions of both East and West.” Thus she is as much at ease in a Christian church in America as she is in a shaman’s tent in the mountains of Tibet. And the masters of the world are quite at ease with Sai Maa.

So who is Sai Maa, and if she can do something this marvelous, is she a god living among us? And if this is so, why hasn’t she been making headlines all around the world?

The answer is that she is not a god, but rather a unique gift to the world, born to be among the great masters who come among us to teach and direct us to spiritual pathways that lead us into the light. She is a student of Poojyapada Sri Sathya Sai Baba, who remains active in his homeland of India, but unlike Sai Baba, she brings her message to all parts of the world, including the United States.

Sai Maa has worked with and made appearances with the Dalai Llama, Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh and noted American spiritual teacher Ram Dass.

Her formal title in India is: Anant Shri Vibhushit Jagatguru Bhaktimayi Meera Bai Sarvanandamayi Lakshmi Devi Sai Maa, although for general news and information purposes, she is addressed as: Her Holiness Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi.

All of the strange names in her title are significant. In 2007, Sai Maa became the first woman in over 1,000 years of the Kumbha Mela, and 5,000 years of the Vaishnu Saint Society, to receive the title of Jagatguru Bhaktimayi Meera Bai. The name Jagatguru is the highest title that can be received. It means Master of the Universe. The word Bhaktimayi means one who is totally in devotion. Meera refers to her as a queen, and the word Bai means sister, or mother.

Two years prior to that, she was awarded the title of Mahamandleshwar, a proclamation that Sai Maa has extraordinary spiritual powers to transform the world and mystical powers to give initiation for enlightenment.

Also in 2005, the Chancellor of Gurukul Kangri Vishwavidyalaya University awarded her the title of Her Holiness and Master of Enlightenment.

While her origins and training originate from within the Hindu culture of India, Sai Maa reaches out to all people of all religious background with the same spiritual message. She is one of the enlightened masters doing all that she can to wake us up while we still have time.