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Turning On The Light

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Abba Father Gives Instructions For Turning On Our Power

By James Donahue

Some of the living Masters on the planet are describing the change referred to by the Abba Father, as a shift by the earth from the third to a fourth or perhaps even a fifth dimension, which will mean that the ancient Biblical description of what that prophet described as a “new Heaven and a new Earth” may be somewhat accurate.

Whatever happens, the Abba Father tells us that “all mankind will need to operate through a special light source in the future."

But we are not to fear. The light is and has always existed within us. We just need instructions on getting it activated so that we can enjoy the power we have always had. It was a power we knew but forgot about after we arrived here as little children and became caught up in a social condition designed to brainwash our minds and hearts.

The Abba Father said: “Humans contain so much light they are capable of becoming gods. But the light is dimming from not knowing who they are and being told they mean nothing.” Indeed, the Christian church teaches that all humans are born in a sinful condition and remain sinners throughout their lives. This is incorrect.

So how do we find and switch on this god-like power within?

The Abba Father says our “resonance needs to be turned up, not off. Turn on this light. Go within, open every cell, look at all the light there.” (My wife, Doris, has worked for years as a medical technologist. She has used high-powered electronic microscopes to look at human cells and says she has noticed that they glow. She says what the Abba Father says is true. Our cells are filled with light.)

Abba Father continues: “Feel every cell communicating together. Raise the light now like a flame, (with) sparks glowing. Keep this resonance in your head, using sparks glowing evermore. Do this quickly. Turn on. Turn on. Lights glowing forever. Keep this momentum, feeling the glow.”

He says this power isn’t reserved for only a few select people, but it is available for everyone. We are all capable of reaching “the ultimate fire. Use your cells. Use your brain. Use your open ideas about yourself. Glow. No other is needed.

Continue to turn on the light until you feel the warmth within. Now feel the sparks at your fingertips. They are felt there, tingling. You are now turned on to your light source, never to be turned off. Keep this flowing every day. Raise the light. Raise the frequency. You have begun!”

The Abba Father emphasizes the importance of changing our resonance to a higher level, and to “heed a very strict undercurrent that will cause all to get ready.” He says many, however, will not listen, or be aware of this looming shift, which will mean they are left behind.

The entity states that everybody has the ability to turn on this light source, and that no one needs to be excluded. In a second session with Abba Father he restated the description of how to go about getting our bodies prepared:

Call on every cell in your body to become brighter,” the Abba Father said. “See them all illuminate brighter and brighter. Quickly you will see a change. A mother cell is activated and helps the rest become light. Open your resonance now with all your fears gone. Keep this up until you feel the sparks come to you. This is the way. Sparks will be felt in your fingertips. Then will you know the light is on. Do this every day.

No one is excluded from this light. All DNA has this source. This DNA is lit up with light but needs activation to do work. Mankind has become dim and is not thinking right. Many want this light to go out. So quickly turn on – turn on. There will be a mind resistance to this procedure but a warning is given to proceed no matter what the circumstance.”

The reward for turning on this light will be love, which will grow in its intensity. Even after the light is switched on, the Abba Father says “mankind’s work is still not over. Now with light, work is just beginning. Reality is seen to the fullest. All will see the folly of our minds and the wasteful energy of hate.”