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Cellular Memory Of Reptilian Humanoids On Earth

By James Donahue

It doesn't take a lot of web searching to find a rash of stories about people catching glimpses of strange humanoid lizard, or "Reptilian" type creatures in remote parts of our planet.

The stories may be as frequently told as those of UFO sightings, or at least alien abductions and personal alien encounters. Whether they are hoaxes, mistaken visions, accidental views through warps in time, or pure imagination remains to be seen.

The archaeological and geological record suggests we arrived too quickly to have been the product of natural evolution so some believe humans may have been the result of genetic manipulation of Earth primates. It was through our cellular link with alien life forms that we developed hairless bodies that walked upright and inherited the ability to reason, develop complex communication skills and build monuments. If this was or origin, was there more than one attempt to create humans? Would this explain the broad diversity of our kind?

Suppose one of the earlier genetic experiments involved a reptilian form of intelligence. It is just possible that they were humanoid in form, or at least they were designed to have the dexterity and abilities we possess to establish a consciousness, build monuments and above all else, communicate.

The record shows that there have been past mass extinctions, which means that this early race of intelligent beings went extinct with all of the other animals co-existing on this planet. That life reappeared after each extinction means that some cellular information survived to re-start the evolutionary process of life. Thus we all retain a cellular memory, although somewhat faint, of that distant past and the life forms that preceded us.

Our theory then is that all of the stories, from the old myths about knights of Europe who hunted and killed dragons, to the Chinese symbols of dragons, and the contemporary stories of humanoid lizards observed in remote areas by hunters and explorers, may be drawn from that cellular memory of what once was.

Yet another thought, although somewhat imaginary, is that these visions are holographic projections coming from alien craft nearby, or possibly from distant space. We have entertained the thought that many of the mythological creatures throughout history, from unicorns and sea monsters of the past to contemporary chupacabras and moth men, are projected images of creatures that appear very real, but are creations from other worlds.

Why would aliens go to so much trouble to create and project such images?

When playing around with this idea, a friend, Joseph Nameth, once suggested: "It is likely that these fantastic 'beings' in the form of hyper-holographic projections, are akin to a puppet show for children, who are being taught a lesson.

"The moral of this story is that if we are reckless with our mental faculties and actions, choosing phantasmagorical horrors and butchery over thoughts of beauty and deeds of greatness, then we should not be surprised if our own mental creations come to life and swallow us up and spit us out!"

That may be a somewhat radical concept, but then, so is the concept of a moth man causing a giant bridge to collapse, tossing people and cars into a river, or a chupacabra killing farm goats and drinking their blood.