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Remembering Our First Contact With The Abba Father

By James Donahue

Contact with the Abba Father began without warning on the evening of November 18, 2003. My wife Doris J. Donahue is a sensitive, or clairvoyant, who has talked with entities and the spirits of the dead for many years.

These contacts do not happen by accident. Every visit with the spirit world is carefully planned. Doris goes through a careful cleansing of the room, making sure we are not surrounded by negative energies. We usually always have a candle burning, and sometimes incense is burned. During contact Doris enters into a deep mental state and usually has no memory of the information that is received. Thus it has been my custom to sit quietly, pen and paper in hand, writing everything down.

We were surprised when the entity that identified itself as the Abba Father came to us that evening.

The name Ab or Abba means “father” in most Semitic languages. In the Old Testament, the word Ab is part of the name Abram or Abraham. In the New Testament, Jesus used the words “Abba Father” when speaking to God. Thus this entity is making it clear that it is addressing us in a spirit of love.

The Abba Father said it existed in a parallel universe and was interested in saving the human race. While the door was open to everyone, not all will accept the opportunity.

During the dialogue that followed, we asked: “What was the purpose in creating the human race?”

The answer: “The x, y and z chromosomes turned a baboon into humanoid construct, but the system was not perfect. Love was the purpose, not hate. A baboon cannot love nor can they project kingdoms that vow to not fight so mankind was engineered to promote pure love. But (humans also were) given choices. They were given programs that would enhance love in the brain. Choosing not to use the program was the mistake. Instead, love was forsaken for another system called fear. No one can process love with fear.”

Somewhere during the discourse, there was an incidication that the Abba Father had visited this planet at earlier times, and that threatened extinction has occurred in the distant past. We asked how many times the Abba Father returned to save the human race from its own folly. The answer came in the form of a riddle.

It said it did not measure events in terms of times as we do. It said the process involved light years, “not your times. Put together the alignment of planets and how often this occurs. Multiply this with numbers that count to quarters on a map. Then you will know the answer,” the Abba Father said.

Significant was that on November 4, only a few days earlier, we experienced a perfect alignment of the planets in our solar system. This was a rare configuration known as a Grand Sextile.

In the midst of this exchange of information, it struck me that perhaps continued dialogue with the Abba Father might produce enough information for a series of articles and perhaps even a book. I asked the question, and was told, that indeed, this was to be my task.

You are unto many features about me now. Quickly put them down and process the information as it is given. Put the fears about what is said aside. Very intense directions will come. The words are not what you thought.

Reason is much needed now to process the book. No one can see how you get the information (but) they will try to find out. This method is right. Quickly turn on to my signal. They are words that will be viewed as non-historical data; very primary, not like words. So keep all data on paper from now on. Every contact will become evidence of how these operations will take place.”

Second in a series

Copyright by James Donahue