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Return Of The Abba Father

By James Donahue

A series of special stories based upon information received by my wife, Doris J. Donahue from a spiritual being that identifies itself as Abba Father, gained much attention when introduced on this site in November, 2003.

The stories were stopped because of interference we will not explain here, and subsequent confusion on our part as to the accuracy of the information we were receiving. We have since learned that the Abba Father messages were not only accurate, but possibly a vital link to messages from spiritual forces interested in saving humanity from going into self destruct.

There is a spiritual war raging among unseen forces that either want us to become the beings we were designed to be, or fall into total failure. Because of this warfare, and because of blind superstition and ignorance, mankind has failed to evolve in the way it was intended. And time is running out.

The good news is that all is not lost. We have recently reopened links with the Abba Father and received instruction to restart the stories. They will be filled with important information about the looming “end-times” events, just what is about to happen to our world, and what we can all do to prepare for it.

Our meeting with Her Holiness Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi in Sacramento did not happen by accident. Our work session with her helped us understand the power that exists within each of us, and how we can activate it. This amazing power gives us the ability to gain spiritual enlightenment, heal our bodies, heal and teach this knowledge to people we come in contact with, and best of all, prepare for a major shift in human consciousness that is about to occur.

This, we learned, is what Sai Maa’s message has been throughout her long quest. According to the Abba Father, her message is right on track. It is a message of comfort and hope. It does not judge or condemn any of the world religions, nor does it judge the human condition. Instead, her way offers an escape from the pain and suffering we all endure, and provides an open door through which we all can step into the light that we know as the Creator.

Indeed, those of us who have been watching the news of political struggling, dealing with a warming and overpopulated planet, wars and killings, and the rush for wealth, power and materialism, have no problem believing that there are dark and powerful forces at work. These forces are working hard to prevent us from using our wonderful brains to raise our resonance and turn ourselves into lighted beings. They don’t want us to hear this message, or know anything about it.

The Abba Father warns that the door to this new and wonderful world will not remain open much longer. There is, however, enough time for people to hear the story and make a decision to switch on the power they have always had.

Everyone has the power to open up to the light,” the Abba Father said. But, this spirit added, “it is a choice. In the end, all will be light. All will know the truth about their soul light. Then the door will close and the Earth will become new. (It will no longer be) dark.”

Our instruction from the Abba Father: “Tell all mankind the truth about the light. (Tell them) that all sorrows are but a setback to truth. (There is) light inside all beings that cannot be stopped. All mankind has this light. No one is any different than another. All have fallen and this (has) held all mankind back from seeing the light.”

First of a planned series

Copyright James Donahue