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Even This Late, Bush Still Should Be Impeached

By James Donahue

There has been a sense expressed just over a year ago that it would be a waste of everybody's time to launch impeachment procedures against President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney on a variety of obvious charges.

We disagreed then because of our concern about the damage Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney and the gang of bandits surrounding them could still accomplish before their term is over. It seems that we were right.

We are now hearing about a secret covert mission, probably being carried out by the CIA with the blessings of the Israeli government, within Iran. The object is to unseat the Iranian leadership and perhaps put a halt to what is perceived to be the development of nuclear weapons. Is this a prelude to yet another Middle Eastern war against a Moslem nation?

As the price of oil rises and Americans feel the pinch at the pump, the Bush Administration is putting great pressure on Congress to left the current ban on offshore drilling to find new oil and gas reserves.

And this week we are learning of a no-bid contract deal that will return four Western oil companies, Exxon Mobil, Shell, Total and BP, to Iraq to service that country's largest oil fields. These were the same countries driven out of Iraq when Saddam Hussein nationalized the oil business.

It seems that the rats in Washington are scurrying to get all the dirty work they can completed before voters (hopefully) drive the Republicans out of power.  

A movement by Congress to launch impeachment hearings against Mr. Bush even a year ago would have stopped all that. Even now impeachment would block further mischief as welll as accomplish two other important things.

1.) It would show the world that not all Americans, and certainly not everyone in our government, is happy with our president's decision to go to war with Iraq without just cause.

2.) It might not be too late to block Mr. Bush from launching an even more dangerous and just as unprovoked assault on Iran.

Even though the impeachment process is long and involved, and may not even be successful, it would put restraints on that office and possibly prevent Mr. Bush from causing any more harm before his term ends.

Such hearings also would shed light on secret operations that have been going on behind closed doors under the guise of "national security" by a self-declared war president involved in an illegally provoked assault on another nation.

And if successful, the impeachment of not only Bush, but Vice-President Dick Cheney, might set the stage for a future trial before a world war crimes tribunal. A trial like that would be a major step toward healing the wounds this administration has created not only in the Middle East, but throughout the world.

Even the attempt of impeachment would broadcast to the world that the United States is not the world bully it is perceived to be. It would set the stage for a new era of international brotherhood that is possible if American voters choose correctly in our next Presidential election.

This is why we say an impeachment process, even now, is well worth the effort. These issues need to be addressed openly and bravely before the world. The sooner we get to it the better off everyone is going to be.