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Concept Of Eugenics Is Still Alive And


By James Donahue

Hitler’s dream of establishing a super Arian race of humans in the years preceding World War II knocked the props out from under what was a popular social philosophy of that time known as eugenics.

Prompted by the work of such researchers and writers as Charles Darwin, Gregor Mendel and Charles Davenport, supporters of eugenics believed that through a “science” of heredity and good breeding, it would be possible to eliminate defective and inferior types of people. The idea was that through careful selective breeding, and sterilization of people deemed inferior either because of mental or inherited physical disabilities, it would be possible to speed up human evolution.

Entire social organizations sprang up in the United States, in the days after World War I, in which eugenics was presented as a mathematical science that could be used to predict the traits and even the behaviors of humans. The goal was to create a perfect world in which controlled human breeding among people with only the best genes would improve the species.

Thus groups like the Race Betterment Foundation and the American Eugenics Society lobbied for laws, and promoted competitions among families to produce better children from the finest human stock. The problem was that these groups not only promoted better breeding, but worked to prevent poor breeding. The effort was made to keep people with undesirable traits in heritage, including mental retardation, epilepsy and diabetics, separate from the others and when law allowed, prevented from reproducing.

It is said that sterilization programs were actually conducted among retarded children and children from certain “undesirable” racial families to prevent them from ever having children.

Hitler became interested in eugenics and as we all know, carried it to the extreme. He used the theories to justify the extermination of not only Jews but a variety of other so-called “undesirable” types of people, including the mentally challenged. Some believe the horror stories that emerged from Germany after that war had a lot to do with the general loss of interest in eugenics as a social philosophy.

We believe the idea remains deeply embedded with us, even today, but under a variety of new names and sciences. We moved from basic selective breeding to such concepts as prenatal testing and screening, genetic counseling, birth control, in vitro fertilization and genetic engineering.

While the field of genetic engineering is showing great promise in fields of body repair and correcting genetic deficiencies, it is offering dramatic new fields of medical treatment and even a promise of longer healthier lives

There also appears to be a dark side to this new expanded era of eugenic thinking. While making great strides for improved and healthier lives, it appears that these tools will be made available to only a few wealthy and successful humans. And while this is happening, there also has been a movement designed to eliminate hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of the so-called “undesirable” people, especially in third-world and Islamic nations.

That the United States is actively engaged in fighting two wars in Islamic Middle Eastern nations, without real justification, and that our forces extensively bombed Iraq with deadly depleted uranium laced weaponry, suggests a form of sterilization within an entire nation. The fragments of the tons and tons of bombs, bullets and shells left exploded and scattered over the countryside after four years of warfare has all but destroyed that ancient Persian culture with radioactive waste.

That the world now is faced with claims of an oil shortage that is forcing the price of fuel and consequently the distribution of essential things like food to overpopulated third world nations suggests that massive famine is on the horizon. In many places it is already happening.

Was it all by design?

In 1974 the U.S. National Security Council under Henry Kissinger produced a classified 200-page report that suggested population growth in the so-called “lesser developed” countries was a threat to our national security. The plan included a covert plan to reduce populations in these countries through birth control, war and famine.

What is scary about the Kissinger report is that Brent Scowcroft, who replaced Kissinger as national security advisor, and then CIA Director George Bush (senior) and other top members of the U.S. government were ordered to implement the plan.

Are we still in the process of forcing ourselves as a superior race upon the rest of the world? Was this what the Iraq invasion was all about?