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World Insanity - Is Is Pre-Extinction Behavior?

By James Donahue

That Islamic extremists are willing to strap bombs on themselves and blow themselves up in crowded market places and public buildings, for their "cause," has been an issue that rational thinking people in the West have a hard time dealing with.

It is the ultimate weapon among the impoverished nations, one that the greatest armies of the world are not prepared to deal with. The harder we fight them, the more of them come out of the woodwork, with ticking bombs strapped around their waist. Even women and children are potential bombs.

That we have dubbed such behavior as terrorism seems incorrect. The willingness of these people to make bombs of themselves to attack our forces, blow up our buildings, and even attack each other, is either an act of extreme warfare or it is a sign of desperation. Either way, they apparently have a reason for what they are doing. It is incredible that no one in America has bothered to ask them what this reason is and then try to resolve this issue so the insanity can be brought to a close.

If there is no reason, other than the Islamic belief once expressed by the late Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomenini of Iran that America is "the great Satan," then we are dealing with a form of insanity that some have identified as pre-extinction behavior.

When you look at news events from all around the world these days, the signs of this kind of insane thinking . . . or perhaps not thinking . . . are showing up in a lot of strange places.

Like the rioting in the streets of Rostock, Germany, near the site of the G-8 Summit of world leaders in 2007. An obvious group of troublemakers dressed in black hooded jackets entered a crowd of an estimated 30,000 demonstrators, throwing rocks, bottles and anything they could get their hands on, creating general havoc. By the time it was over a lot of people were left hurt, including over a hundred police officers. What and who instigated that? And why?

The FBI crime report, just issued for the year 2006, reveals that there was a nationwide increase in violent crimes for the first time in decades. The number of murders, robberies and other violent felony crimes are on the rise. Authorities say youth are involved in much of the new crimes, but they don't know why it is happening.

Then there are personal acts of insanity that just seem to occur among people who appear quite normal until it happens. For example, Tonya Bell, 30, of Oxon Hill, Md., drove her car right through a crowded street festival in Washington, D.C., one recent evening, leaving about35 people injured. Seven victims, including two young children, were hospitalized with major injuries. Bell had a seven-year-old child in the car with her at the time. She has been charged with aggravated assault.

There are other signs that things are simply starting to fall apart, mostly because of overpopulation and a decline of natural resources, space, and the growing problem of pollution.

Naples, Italy, stinks from stacks of fermenting, rotting garbage piling up in the streets. One report said the stuff is in what appears like an unbroken heap, at places two meters high and stretching the length of a football field along the curb. Naples and surrounding towns are choked on refuge because there is no place left to take it. The last legal landfill was closed down.

The water crisis in China has gotten so severe than people in the eastern City of Wuxi have turned to panic water buying and hoarding because the tap water is so polluted it stinks. The people say it is so filthy they won't even bathe in it. The city of five million is located along the Yangtze River, but that river is so polluted the town relies on nearby Taihu Lake for its water supply. Obviously the lake also is polluted.

America's infrastructure of water and sewer systems, electric and telephone transmission lines, roads and bridges, all put in place decades ago, has begun to crumble. Our landfills are filled to capacity and we continue to live a use-and-throw-away lifestyle that intensifies this problem.

The world is dangerously overpopulated yet we have major religious systems, primarily the Roman Catholic Church, encouraging a breed mentality and leads to large and costly families.

If we don't wake up and make some radical changes, and do it quickly, we are all rushing toward extinction.