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Honoring Motherhood A Major Part Of Human Psyche


By James Donahue


Today is Mother’s Day across the United States. People everywhere are celebrating motherhood with gifts, taking mom out to dinner, and celebrating her place in society in general.


Unlike Father’s Day, which follows in a few weeks, this is a very special day since the very concept of motherhood burrows deep in the human psyche. It goes beyond the woman who bore us from seed, then raised us as children, loving, teaching and caring for our every need. That image is sensational in itself


But there is more to this image of The Mother however.


For example we were all given life on this planet, which the aboriginal people have always referred to as The Mother Earth. They see her as a living and sentient being, part of a living universe, which is, in effect, part of the massive communication system in which we all belong. It is because of Her that we exist at all.


Many religious systems, including the Roman Catholic Church that operates today, worship the Holy Mother of God, which for them is Mary, the mother of Jesus. In ancient times


The Mother/Son goddess and god myth stems back to the Persian sun-god Mithra, the Egyptian mother Isis and her god-son Horus, and the Indian goddess Devaki mother of the child Krishna.


Legend has it that the original goddess was Semiramis, wife of Nimrod, bore a son, Tammuz, who was declared to be the god Marduk.  


Then there are the many goddesses named by many different cultures throughout history. They represented fertility, love, creation, and rebirth. Such names as Adonis, Aphrodite, Ishtar, Shiva and Venus are among the most beloved.


Some believe all of the gods and goddesses are one soul playing different roles throughout the history of humanity.


It is even believed by some that the very creator, the origin of everything, is female and thus the Great Mother.


That civilization has, in its creative genius, found a way to utilize the resources of the Mother Earth to create an alternative, fast-paced and wasteful world that is now turning in on itself, is significant in these last days. That we have given men the seat of power and shoved women into roles as second-class citizens, also states in loud terms that we have lost our way. We are on the wrong spiritual path.


The time has come for us to set aside these contemporary mores and give full recognition to women, and especially motherhood, that extends beyond this one single day of every year.


Our daughter Susan recently penned the following words that expressed the love and joy that we should all have for the mothers all over this planet. She wrote:


“We (Susan included) carry an energy that makes others stop to think of and express a caring welfare for others. If it were not for the Mother we would forget to care for each other, It is the demonstration of the Mother that allows us to remember the sacredness of selfless service.


“Mothers are always doing for others, allowing others to experience this sacredness. Women carry knowledge, grace, wealth, beauty, wisdom, joy and the power to remove obstacles.


“These attributes, these qualities, this Godliness, this Godly Consciousness that is inside all of you . . . it is time for it to come to the surface. With the power of this inner love all women carry, we can change the universe.”