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Pundits, Government Leaders, Still In Denial About Warming


By James Donahue


We were clicking the channels the other night and accidentally caught CNN’s Glenn Beck in an interview with some guy who was claiming that the world ice caps are increasing in size and that Al Gore’s global warming movie is a big hoax.


We have not been a follower of Beck, for obvious reasons, but when we did a little research about this guy, we quickly discovered that he has been a major spokesman for the government and corporate people who still want people to question the global warming issue.


For most people, including scientists all around the world, global warming is a very real threat that is already having a ravaging effect on our lives. Consider the parade of deadly storms, many of them packing tornadoes or straight-line winds of over 100-miles-per-hour that have been marching across America’s heartland . . . not only this year but for the past several years. They don’t just occur in the spring anymore.


Consider the cyclone that ravaged Burma and Thailand, leaving hundreds of thousands of people dead and millions without homes, food and hope. Similar storms raked the Pacific coast last year, from Japan south across China and into Vietnam, also with deadly consequences, but none were as severe as the typhoon that slammed into Burma.


Consider the desertification of vast lands, where farms once operated successfully, in the American southwest as well as mainland China and Africa. This is caused by a changing climate that is dumping more rainfall on some parts of the planet, and delivering less rainfall to others. Why would this be happening?


Why are the glaciers melting all over the world? Why are we reading reports in scientific journals by scientists expressing alarm at the unexpected speed in which the ice at Greenland, the North Pole and Antarctica are disappearing? Why are some South Sea island inhabitants being forced to move off their islands because of rising sea levels?


Is Glenn Beck that stupid or is he a fool? We suspect that he is the latter; that Beck, like the top officials within the Bush Administration are pawns of big business interests that would like to continue blocking efforts to control carbon emissions from industrial, home and auto exhaust.


Beck, like the others, warns that such legislation would force up the price of living without justifiable cause. We suggest that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq fit this description, but that the threat of global warming is so dire, this would be money very well spent.


What angers us the most is the personal assault Beck makes against former Vice President Al Gore, who is credited with drawing the world’s attention to the global warming threat. Gore has been viciously attacked for telling the truth.