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Rods - Another Unexplained Mystery


By James Donahue 


I think we first started being aware of rods when we lived in Arizona. That is because the air was still clear there and after living for years under the polluted skies of Michigan, we fell in love with things over our heads all over again.


We spent a wonderful three years in the desert regions of Northwestern and Midwestern Arizona. During that time we marveled at two passing comets, a full eclipse of the Moon, unusual planet alignments, and a variety of other anomalies, including an examination of some ultra-bright "stars" that twinkled a little too brightly. They were satellites circling the skies over our heads. We were amazed that we could see the Milky Way again.


By day the Arizona sky was usually always a bright crystal blue, unless a storm was building. Then the approaching cloud formations were so clearly defined against the blue the contrasts might have fallen right off a painting by famed Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh.


Small wonder that human awareness of the rods, like our own, began in that part of the country.


Observing a rod is very difficult. They move so fast it is almost impossible to see them with the naked eye. But cameras with fast shutter speeds, and movie and video cameras are catching them. And they are everywhere.


It seems that Jose Escamilla is credited with capturing the first officially recorded videotape of a rod in flight in 1994, while shooting pictures near Roswell, New Mexico.


At about the same time Escamilla was making his discovery, a young man named Jeff Ferris was also videotaping rods shooting over his Tempe, Arizona home in broad daylight. The two men puzzled over the rods, wondering if they were an alien life form, a strange energy, or something else.


Ferris produced a filmed documentary about the rods titled: Rodumentary Rods: Mysterious Objects Among Us.


Some skeptics who have examined the pictures suggest they are insects, or birds, flying close to the camera lens. But Ferris won't buy that. His description of his first rod filming is so spectacular and so strange that it seems quite clear these were not pictures of something flitting past the camera lens.


"I was skating on a backyard ramp and I set the camera up on a stool," he offers. "When I played the tape, there was [a Rod] that I got that comes over the top of the ramp and goes in between our heads and down past the camera," he said.


The rods appear to be some intelligent life form that shares this planet. There appear to be millions of them moving at ultra high-speed past us and over us all of the time. They are long and thin in shape, something like ultra-thin cigars. Also, they seem to be capable of bending and changing course at will.


Rods that appear to be on a collision course with a hard object make a quick detour and circle around the object before continuing on their way. It is almost as if they have a bat-like sensory system similar to radar that lets them know something is in their way.


The decision to change course at such lightning speed, much like a flock of birds in flight or a school of fish, is a clear sign that rods are a life form.


While researching rods on the Internet, We found a report written by an unknown author who claimed he observed rods in the late 1970s while throwing boomerangs in his yard in Phoenix, Arizona.


This person said the rods appeared to follow the boomerang as it made its arch flight. At the time he thought of them as dragonflies, except that they were moving extremely fast. It was not until he saw the Ferris video that he identified the things he was seeing as rods.


"The best time to see them was late evening just before sunset. The shadows of the houses on the west end of the parks would cast a shadow over the park and sunlight would still be on the tops of the tall trees in the park. The sun would reflect off of the boomerang and "things" best at this time," he wrote.


Rods do not appear to be very large, but that may be an error. If flying past from a great distance, there could be giant as well as tiny rods measured in inches. Some are a gray color. But white ones also have been photographed.


We offer no conclusion to this report, except to say that the rods are just one more proof that the world we live in is shared by multi-dimensional life forms. While the rods appear to fly in our three-dimensional environment, we suspect they come from either two or four-dimensional existence.