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Are Americans Under Mass Sedation?


By James Donahue


The takeover of America by George W. Bush and that gang gathered with him at the Capital, with hardly a word of protest from the people, remains a surprise and a shock to a lot of clear thinkers.


That this man could seize the office by judicial order after losing the popular vote, use executive order to release American industry from a volume of anti-pollution measures, and lead us to war against Iraq without provocation, should have stirred the wrath of the masses. It didn't happen.


That John Ashcroft, Mr. Bush’s first choice for the office of Attorney General, would dare to strip the power of the U. S. Constitution and Bill of Rights by the introduction of the Patriot Act just after the attack of 9-11, is unbelievable. That such a malicious document would appear before our legislators while they remained in shock from the events of 9-11 is suspicious in itself. Was it all planned?


Hundreds of thousands of good men and women laid down their blood in the creation and protection of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Yet in one quick sweep of the pen, Ashcroft, Bush and the U. S. Legislature, for all practical purposes, took it all away while the smoke of that senseless attack was still rising over our heads.


We have tried to understand the mindset of the masses while watching these events. The attack was severe and while we were shocked by it, there was still a presence of mind to be aware of the fact that stripping the people of their freedoms in exchange for government protection was not the way to go.


Yet as a working news reporter covering city and county government in a politically Republican area, I found myself unable to convince any of the community leaders that the Patriot Act, the unprovoked declaration of war against another country, and the Bush assault on our environment, were wrong. Their eyes glazed over when I broached the subject.


In those days, when it came to Bush, our legislators, the courts, and the people in general failed to recognize the crimes he and his cohorts in Washington were blatantly committing in front of our eyes. While many of us now are aware of them, it appears that our legislators, who are in a position to do something about them, are still blinded to the fact that corruption has occurred. That Bush was narrowly and suspiciously re-elected for a second term, this time under a cloud of possible ballot manipulation in Ohio, was never seriously examined.  


How could this have happened?


It is almost as if the people in America are under some form of mass sedation. We know the military has been experimenting with techniques designed to subdue large numbers of people in cases of civil disorder, and when confronting enemy forces on an open field of battle. Has something like this been unleashed on us?


Then there is the discovery that most of our commercially prepared food is laced with the excitotoxins monosodium glutamate and aspartame, both highly addictive and both found to be chemicals that give us brief sensations of euphoria while killing brain cells.


It also has been popular to use “feel good” prescription drugs like Prozac, Luvox, Paxil and Zoloft for treatment of depression. A lot of Americans are getting medicated with this stuff to stay happy amid a world of increasing woe. What is scary is that pharmaceuticals that include not only these anti-depressants but antibiotics and painkillers are being found in our drinking water. The water filtration systems in place are designed to remove bacteria and mineral contaminants, but not the pharmaceuticals. We are drinking them.


Or perhaps chemicals are filtering into our air, and consequently our lungs from those mystery contrails our Air Force is laying across out skies.


The sell-out by the media has been a more obvious factor. Not only did American journalists fail to ask the hard questions needed to reveal the shenanigans going on in Washington, but they have been slanting news of the presidential campaign in an effort to manipulate the minds of the voters. Notice how quickly the interesting candidates, who had strong viewpoints about national and international affairs, were shoved out of the limelight during the primary campaign.


Whatever the cause, Americans have been acting as if they have been walking around in a stupor since Bush has been in office. We miss the old fire that burned in the hearts of the people during the days of the Vietnam War.


We have an important presidential election coming up within the next few months. Americans are currently left with a choice between four candidates:


--Democrat Barack Obama, a relative newcomer to the Washington political scene who promises to turn the nation on a new course, open dialogue with other world leaders, and investigate charges of corruption in the Bush Administration. He wants to end the Iraq war and bring the troops home.


--Democrat Hillary Clinton, wife of former President Bill Clinton, who was relatively popular during most of his time in office. Clinton did a good job of balancing the budget, had us on a course toward repairing the environment, but both he and Hillary were under constant suspicion of improper real estate deeds while he served as Governor of Arkansas. They were never charged. Oh yes, Hillary says she would, as president, defend Israel if Iran attacks that country. She said she believes America has the capability of "obliterating" Iran. That suggests she might use nuclear force.


--Republican John McCain who promises more of what the Bush Administration has been doling out for nearly eight years. He says he is willing to keep forces in Iraq as long as it takes.


--Independent Ralph Nader, considered a “spoiler” that drew enough votes in 2000 to help George W. Bush steal the presidency from Democratic Candidate Al Gore. Gore won the popular vote but the final count was so close that it was going to be up to the electoral college to decide the winner, and this hinged on a flawed electronic voting system in Florida that was ultimately decided by the U.S. Supreme Court. And yes, Nader is running again.


From reading this brief analysis of the candidates, one would think the choice for our next president would be relatively easy, and that most Americans would make the right choice.


Watch the spin doctors in Washington and in the media do their work in the weeks and months leading up to the November election. The outcome, vital to the future of this nation, may still be stolen right out from under our noses.