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Simple Cancer Cure Discovery – Move To Legalize Marijuana – But Don’t Hold Your Breath


By James Donahue


They were two big news events occurring at about the same time, and without much media fanfare. One was a story on the CBS television show 60 Minutes about a man who invented a simple way to kill cancer cells with radio waves. The other was the introduction of a bill in Washington that would remove federal laws against the production, use and possession of marijuana.


Both stories could potentially impact millions of Americans, if not all of us in one form or another. While we don’t all have cancer or use marijuana, most of us know people who do.


The stories have the potential of being great news except for one factor. They both threaten two big industrial complexes that have been built around “curing” these terrible social problems. Both draw upon complex financial systems that feed hundreds of billions of dollars into these industries, and provide jobs for a lot of “professional” people.


For this reason, we predict that neither the simple cancer cure, nor the effort to legalize marijuana will see the light of day. There is just too much money to be lost.


The featured new cancer cure by leukemia patient John Kanzius utilizes radio waves to heat metals injected in cancer cells to kill the bad cells without damaging the rest of the body. Kanzius, a retired radio technician, thought up the device after enduring the rigors of chemotherapy.


As exciting as the Kanzius discovery sounds, we must say at this point that he is not the first to invent such a device. Consider the case of Royal Rife, who, in the 1920s invented the electron microscope which allowed scientists to have their first glimpse of the virus and other microbes that cause human disease. Rife also used a similar device that used sound waves, set at specific frequencies, to successfully kill specific microbes without harming human cells. Thus Rife not only discovered a cure for cancer, but for a vast number of other deadly diseases. Yet we never hear about Rife’s cure today.


The multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry, the multi-billion dollar oncology industry, the multi-billion dollar insurance industry joined forces to make sure that device was never manufactured, marketed, or used. Because of lobbying by the American Medical Association, it is illegal to possess or use Rife’s ray machine as a cure for anything, even though it worked.


And if you think bills introduced this week by Congressman Barney Frank, and co-sponsored by Representatives Ron Paul, Maurice Hinchey, Dana Rohrabacher and Sam Farr that call for permitted medical use of marijuana in states that choose to allow it will fly, you may be disappointed.


The bills fly in the teeth of the federal “War On Drugs” which, like the cancer treatment business, is a multi-billion dollar industry.


How can this be, you may ask. The government spent an estimated $20 billion in the War on Drugs in 2003, with money doled out to local law enforcement agencies. As of 2006, seven million people were either behind bars, on parole or in some way being incarcerated by the U. S. prison system. That amounts to one in every 100 Americans. A large number of these people are being held on marijuana charges.


The American prison system is a multi-billion dollar industry. There were 1,500 prisons in existence in 1995 and that number has been on the increase ever since. Over 20 new prisons are being built every year because those that are operating are filled to capacity, with prisoners held in make-shift facilities never designed for jails. County jails with extra beds are holding state prisoners due to overcrowding.


The cost of running the prisons and jails in all 50 states and the federal prison system has been estimated at over $49 billion.


Think of all of the prison employees, police officers, court workers, probation and drug rehabilitation workers who owe their jobs to America’s War on Drugs. If marijuana were suddenly declared a legal substance, imagine what would happen to the industry that has been built around that fantastic lie.


Marijuana was never a dangerous “drug.” And a simple cure for cancer has been known since Royal Rife invented it in 1931. We also have had better energy sources. We have been forced to live in a fabricated system designed by and for big business interests who go out of their way to make sure we don’t change a thing.