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World Space Race With Deadly Military Design

By James Donahue

Perhaps we blink a few times when we read or hear reports of the race between China, the United States, Russia, Japan, and numerous other countries, even India and the European Union, to send a manned space ship into orbit and eventually to the moon.

We have been there and done that, you might think. So why the sudden new interest in returning to that barren rock in space?

Be sure that it is not part of a master plan to create a jumping-off point for a future mission to Mars, as the Bush Administration might have you believe. And you may not want to believe the Russian interest in mining valuable minerals said to exist there.

The interest in being the first to get back to the moon has only one purpose . . . and it involves military domination of the Earth.

China has the most aggressive plan in the works for a moon mission. The Chinese space agency has announced plans to send robots and humans to the moon within the next 15 years. They have already sent an astronaut in orbit around the Earth and expect to launch an unmanned moon probe later this year.

In the U.S., however, the effort to return to the moon has not been going well. After actually getting to the moon, and completing six successful missions there and back between 1969 and 1972, America's National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has fallen almost into limbo. Because of budget cuts and after the Columbia shuttle disaster, NASA finds itself struggling to keep its old shuttle fleet making enough missions to service the International Space Station.

Without government financial support a new manned flight to the moon seems like a mission too far to reach, unless public interest in the space program changes. Because NASA is a military operation, and its missions largely secretive, the agency cannot freely generate the kind of public relations needed to build public support. Thus we have a Catch-22.

In the meantime the Bush Administration is rushing ahead with the development of new weapons technologies that should scare the begesus out of everybody. They are experimenting with sound, laser and experimental explosive devices that might someday turn out to be the ultimate doomsday weapon.

Consider machines that use sound frequencies to kill or disable entire armies in the field, or a satellite laden with laser bolts that can strike anywhere on Earth at the command of a computer operator.

The Bush plan to build and install an anti-missile defense system in Europe has angered the Russians and threatens to launch another form of the old cold war.

Instead of using our space program to find a way to escape our dying planet, world government leaders are competing for space dominance so they can achieve world dominance. The insanity of this is incredible.

Imagine, for example, what could be achieved by the first humans to successfully return to the moon. Modern weaponry would make it possible for that country to dominate Earth from that small rock in space.

A few years ago I read a troublesome story in a publication Weekly World News that told of a bizarre plot by the Russians to blow up the moon.

While the story was probably a complete fabrication, there was a frightening element of reality to it. The story said the plan was designed to cause the Earth to tilt differently and thus improve the Russian g rowing season. The bad side of the plan was that the change would impact weather in the United States.

Demolishing the moon, the story said, "will be a simple matter of placing about 600 multi-megaton nuclear warheads on Soyuz-type rockets and launching at the target."

Actually a bomb attack like that probably wouldn't destroy the moon, but it might send it flying out of its perfect orbit around the Earth. This would have a devastating impact on all life on the planet. Everything in the sea, the tides, the migration of birds and insects, the change of seasons, and even the menstrual cycles of all mammals would be affected.

Some say the loss of our moon would be the perfect doomsday device. We could no longer exist on Earth.

There is another weapon that we have not heard much about, but some discussion can be found on it on the web. It is called geothermal warfare, or the utilization of high frequency sound waves with a system perhaps like HAARP to heat the lower regions of Earth and cause destructive earthquakes, volcanic activity and other terrible events.

This is perhaps a pivotal point in human destiny. Either we take stock at what we are about to do to ourselves and agree, unilaterally, to lay down our weapons and join each other for mutual survival of the species, or we wage a war so destructive we bring a quick and ugly end to our existence.

We had better find a way to resolve this issue fast. Time is running out.