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Hillary’s Refusal To Quit Draining Obama Resources


By James Donahue


An interesting observation on the Kos Blog this week notes that for all practical purposes, Hillary Clinton has lost her bid for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination. But her refusal to quit the battle is drawing on the resources of the popular winner, Barack Obama, at a time when they should be used to formulate Obama’s chances in the November general elections.


The Kos story states that Clinton’s “near-lone chance of victory rests with a coup by superdeligate, persuading enough of them to overcome the primary voters’ preference. . .” Thus Clinton hangs in the competition, staking her chances on somehow swinging those superdeligate votes, and causing the Obama camp to continue pouring money and energy in the ongoing primary competition right up until the party convention August 25-28.


No matter who gets the nomination during the convention . . . and it should be Obama . . . the party will only have just eight short weeks to organize a fight against the G.O.P. That is not enough time to lay out a full platform of possible solutions to the long and complex list of national and international problems created by and because of the Bush Administration’s inept policies.


Instead of defending himself against ridiculous attacks by Hillary’s camp, ranging from things stated in the church he attends to the fact that he never lived with a former president in the White House, Obama should be utilizing this precious time selling his plans for restoring our failing economy, offering health care reform, stopping the Iraq war, working with other nations to fend off the growing threat of global warming and finding alternative energy sources.


American voters deserve more than two months to examine the Democratic and Republican nominees for the top job and decide who they want as a leader during the next four and possibly eight year stint.


Those of us living in esoteric circles are keenly aware that the mystery year 2012 will be rolling up during the term of whomever we elect this time around. And we also know that there is something scary about the final days of that year. That date appears as the end of time in the ancient Mayan calendar, found in the ruins of South America. And would-be prophets who have attempted to look beyond this date . . . be it through gazing into mirrors, pools or utilizing remote viewing . . . say they find nothing there.


So what does this mean? Are we in danger of electing a person who will trigger a final nuclear conflict that brings about the extinction of the human race within the next four years?


Even if you are among the many who scoff at the stories and call it poppycock and balderdash, you may agree that the decision by American voters this year may be one of the most important we will ever make.


This is why wasting so much precious time and energy in an ongoing fight between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama over a position Obama already has won is senseless. It is time Hillary steps out of the race. She needs to do it for the good of the nation and possibly for the food of all mankind.