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Marching To World War


By James Donahue


The constant rhetoric concerning the evil deeds occurring in secret underground nuclear research facilities in Iran, and the belief that Iran is secretly involved in terrorist aggression against the United States and our troops stationed in the Middle East, is heating up.


Israel now threatens to bomb key Iranian nuclear and military facilities, thus setting the stage for a possible world war that could quickly draw in Russia and China facing off against the United States.


The United Nations, the United States, Russia and other world nations have been appealing to Iranian leadership to ease the tension. But at the same time, our military force surrounding Iran is building.


In Syria, the dictatorial government of Bashar al-Assad has been reportedly turning its military force on the citizens who have risen in revolt. The world is watching in horror as the blood literally runs in the streets of Syrian cities. Efforts by the United Nations to call for a halt to the killing have met resistance from both Russia and China.


Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has warned against a military intervention in either Syria or Iran.


While this goes on, Republican political candidates, busily stumping the United States for a party nomination to run this fall against incumbent President Barack Obama, are rattling swords of war.


Both Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich are advocating going to war with Iran. Rick Santorium has boasted about his experience on the Armed Services Committee and his efforts aimed at Iran. He has called for covert attacks on Iran and even the murder of Iranian scientists.


The only Republican candidate not calling for war against Iran has been Ron Paul, a Libertarian who remains a voice of reason within a crowd of clowns. “I’m afraid what’s going on right now is similar to the war propaganda that went on against Iraq,” he was quoted as saying.


It appears that President Obama also is thinking in the same lines of Ron Paul. But Obama is walking a tight rope, attempting to ease this growing international crisis while doing the “popular” thing in the eyes of American voters in the months before the election. Notice that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and other Washington diplomats have been making numerous trips to Israel, Saudi Arabia and other points in the Middle East, in an effort to avoid what appears to be a march toward war.


At least we hope this is what they are talking about. The discussions are occurring behind closed doors, and without getting much attention by the American media.


There is another, unspoken and powerful factor in this potential march toward war. It lies in the military war machine buried within the halls of the Pentagon. War is big business. A lot of American industry builds the aircraft, ships, tanks, transport vehicles, guns and bullets used in warfare. There is great wealth to be had from all of this. Thus it seems inevitable that America must always be at war if only to continue generating additional wealth for a powerful few.


With the failed war in Iraq now allegedly concluded (we still have a contingent of at least 18,000 troops remaining there, with some dying in conflict even today) and the Moslem people rioting across Afghanistan after troops mistakenly destroyed some torn pages from the holy Islamic book, the Quran, there is a call for Americans to “go home.” Indeed, Afghanistan has also been a failed war that had no objective and has reached no conclusive end. President Obama recently announced plans to bring troops home from Afghanistan within about another year. It may happen sooner.


All of this must have the generals in the Pentagon scratching their heads, trying to think up a new enemy to engage. And what better target could there be than Iran? Indeed, the actions of the Iranian leadership appear to be inviting an attack. The media has been busy depicting Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei as evil tyrants busy building nuclear bombs and supporting terrorist attacks. The propaganda machine has been running but without justification.


As it was in Iraq prior to the U.S. and British invasion, there has been no proof shown that Iran is really building nuclear weapons. A recent story in the New York Times noted that “American intelligence analysts continue to believe that there is no hard evidence that Iran has decided to build a nuclear bomb.”


Going to war with Iran might be a suicide mission for everyone. Iran is a large country. It has a strong military that is growing because Iranian leadership knows there is a target on Tehran. Also Iran has a large supply of untapped oil under its soil. Both Russia and China, which rest on Iranian borders, are not only friendly with Iran, but they have an interest in that oil. Thus a war against Iran will almost assuredly mean a war against China and Russia.


Could we really be that stupid? Whether Iran has a nuclear bomb won’t matter. Russia, China, Israel and the United States are all nuclear powers. If we war over Iran, the world conflict that results will surely evolve into nuclear conflict.


We are living in a very dangerous time.