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Brain Surgeons Operated 10,000 Years Ago In Iraq

Psychics warned even before the United States invaded Iraq that such an assault would destroy the Cradle of Civilization and have a profound effect on the human psyche. This is because this was an archaeologically-rich part of the world where the proof of the real roots of humanity were being found.

The Christian-influenced Bush Administration plunged blindly ahead with its assault, based upon falsified information, used deep-earth penetrating bunker bombs laced with radioactive depleted uranium. Destroyed were not only the ruins of ancient Mesopotamian cities and buildings containing important historical artifacts uncovered in early archaeological digs, but also the genetic memory of our heritage contained in the Iraqi people.

That something very unique was going on in that area a very long time ago is known from the records of Zawi Chemi Shadidar, an archaeological site in the Zagros Mountains of Northern Iraq. There human remains were found, some of them with skulls that showed signs of having received and survived brain surgery as long as 9,000 to 10,000 years ago.

The holes in the skull indicated that the surgery was crude in comparison to contemporary standards. The holes appeared to have been bored. There also were signs of healing and new bone growth so the patients survived the operations.

Thirty-two bodies were found in a cemetery, many of them children. Also found in the area were chipped stone tools, notched blades, scrapers, bored stone spheres, raw copper and believe it or not . . . pavement.

Iraq is not the only place in that part of the world where human remains have been found showing signs of surviving brain surgery. Skulls with signs of trepanation have been unearthed in Belgium, France, Armenia, the UK and in Egypt. But all of these sites are dated thousands of years later than the Iraq site. The earliest among these is a burial site in France thought to date back to 6,500 BC.

That these grave sites contain large numbers of skulls with holes cut in them suggest that something more than mere medical surgery was occurring. Either this, or the cemetery sites contain the bodies of "physicians mistakes" from that early Stone Age period. At the French site, for example, out of 120 skulls unearthed, about 40 of them showed signs of trepanation.

An article by Angus Sutherland for UFO Area, noted that a skull found near London, England, estimated to be about 5,000 years old, showed a hole 4.5 by 3-centimeters in the top. The patient was between 25 and 30 years of age and survived the operation. The marks on the skull suggest that the surgeon was quite skilled and possessed knowledge of anatomy and medical techniques, Sutherland said.

He wrote that ancient doctors in India appear to have excelled at surgery and other medical practices. He said there is evidence that these doctors treated bone fractures, cesarean births, removed urinary stones, performed cataract surgery, installed artificial limbs, conducted brain surgery and even plastic surgery. An ancient surgical textbook, Sushruta Samhita, describes about 125 surgical instruments used in medicine by these doctors.

If you study the maps of the world, India is located directly south of Pakistan and close to both Iraq and Iran. The influence of the knowledge of that great Cradle of Civilization that emerged so long ago in ancient Persia and Mesopotamia obviously flowed southward into India.

That we have blindly bombed and blasted that hallowed ground, and destroyed these archaeological treasures, obviously for the sake of protecting a false religious belief system that does not want to be found out, and perhaps secure a steady supply of crude oil, is indeed a stark blow to the human psyche.

This was the place of our origins, where proofs of our past were waiting for discovery.

That the Bush Administration and the Iraqi kangaroo court were so intent on killing Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, suggests that Hussein knew of things that someone did not want him to talk about. It was well known that Hussein had a keen interest in the history of the region, was attempting to restore the ancient City of Ur, and supported the preservation of important historical artifacts.

What secrets did Saddam carry to his grave?