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Maybe It Is Time To Consider Impeaching The Judges


By James Donahue


A standoff last week between latest appointed Attorney General Michael Mukasey and Congressional Democrats over contempt citations against two top presidential aides makes us think House Speaker Nancy Pelosi may wish to rethink her refusal too put impeachment issues on the table.


We suggest that Pelosi presses for the impeachment of not only President George W. Bush and Vice-President Dick Cheney for a multitude of crimes against Iraq, the U.S. Constitution and the American People, but also the criminal element that Mr. Bush has appointed to various offices, including the Supreme Court.


She may think it will be a waste of everybody’s time to hold impeachment hearings so late in the Bush presidency, but we argue that such hearings are needed to force to light all of the secret documents and actions carried out by this administration, and all of the crooks Bush has managed to slip into high office.


Impeachment also might stop lame puppet employees, like Mukasey, from blindly following orders from the White House. He says White House Chief of Staff Josh Bolten and former presidential counsel Harriet Miers did nothing wrong last year when they blatantly ignored subpoenas to provide Congress with White House documents or testify about the firings of federal prosecutors because they objected too the illegal shenanigans going on in high places.


Mukasey’s refusal to bring Bolten and Miers before a Grand Jury naturally angered Pelosi. She announced on Friday that she has given the Judiciary Committee authority to file a lawsuit against them in U. S. federal court.


That may sound like a serious threat but it probably is not. Remember that federal judges sit at the discretion of the president. And it is just possible that many federal judges, if not most of them, will submit to the decision of the U.S. Attorney General’s office and refuse to hear this case.


Thus we have a stalemate. Without first cleaning house, there appears to be no way for the legislative branch of our government to fix the problems that have come to light in both the executive and judicial branches. And if you recall, many U.S. senators and house members have fallen into disgrace during the Bush years for accepting illegal bribes, extorting money and getting caught in embarrassing sex acts outside the home.


In short, our federal government is in shambles and something severe needs to be done to try to put it back in repair before Mr. Bush and his gang of crooks slip away freely. They all need to be exposed and held accountable for the billions of dollars of money awarded to private contractors in the name of our War on Terror as well as our War on Drugs. The crimes that bunch has committed against the Mother Earth are too numerous to squeeze into this short editorial essay. We wager that once we lift the first stones in that garden, many more misdeeds will be quickly brought to light.


Pelosi may sound like she is willing to go to war against Mukasey, just as the Democrats in Congress stood up to Bush over the twisted update of the FISA act, designed to make Fourth Amendment violations of our Constitution, namely unwarranted wiretaps of private telephone and electronics communications not only legal now, but retroactive. That means the illegal deeds committed when such acts were in violation of the law will suddenly become legal.


The Fourth Amendment prohibits our government from search and seizure of private records, listening in on telephone calls, reading e-mail and other violation of personal privacy without a court order. It appears that the Bush government has been doing it anyway, and some telephone and Internet service providers have been assisting, without bothering to get permission from a judge.


Voters in 2006 expressed concerns about all of these entanglements and sent enough Democrats to both houses to shift the balance of power too the Democrats. In spite of promises to clean house, however, the Democrats have stood virtually powerless, failing too do much of anything to keep their promises.


Some folks are beginning to wonder if there is any real difference between Republicans and Democrats these days. Are they all corrupt or just impotent?