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Animals Attacking People And Other Unnatural Stuff

By James Donahue

There was a strange story from North Platte, Nebraska, about two stray cats that entered a home through an open door and attacked two women and a young boy without provocation.

Animal Control Officer John Pettit said he was forced to shot the animals with a tranquilizer gun before removing them to a veterinarian's office for rabies testing. He said the animals, both domestic cats, bit and scratched the two women on the legs and attacked the boy on the face.

The youth was bitten on his forehead, nose, left ear and right cheek, authorities said. All three victims were taken to Great Plains Regional Medical Center for medical treatment.

This is not the first assault by a domestic cat to make the news in recent weeks. It seems that a house cat in Hailey, Idaho, went on a rampage and attacked its elderly female owner, sending her to the hospital for treatment of more than 20 bite wounds. Authorities said it was not the first time the cat had turned on the woman.

There have been other disturbing reports of animals and nature all over the world behaving strangely. It is as if Mother Nature has had enough of the human race and is beginning to turn her forces on us.

Some examples:

In Calcutta, India, a farmer thought stray dogs or jackals were killing his chickens after the birds began disappearing. Then he discovered one of the calves from his herd was killing and eating the chickens. He has actually filmed the animal eating a chicken alive. The local veterinarian said he could not explain it. "I've never read or heard about cows turning carnivorous," he said. When the cow gets full size, will he turn on its owner?

We heard about a hail storm that damaged the NASA shuttle and setting back a planned mission this month to the International Space Station. Hail storms are becoming more common, some with massive size chunks of ice that are causing a lot of damage. In Scott City, Missouri, a storm packing hail stones measuring up to three-inches in diameter smashed out windows, dented cars and house siding and made a lot of noise as it pounded rooftops.

Swarms of a species of giant hornets from China have now settled in France, apparently via a shipment of merchandise sometime in about 2004, and are spreading across the area. The hornets, which grow to just under two inches long and have wing spans of about three inches, are known for their painful stings and they attack and kill honey bees. The fear is that the insects will spread throughout Europe and the UK unchecked.

The warming seas, sparked by the warming of the planet, have caused an increase in the number of jellyfish along coastlines where people like to swim. Jellyfish are known for their visious stings so their presence is wrecking some of the best beaches. But now thousands of deadly giant jellyfish are invading the waters off the central coast of Japan. Fishermen say the massive things are getting caught in their nets and keeping the fish away. A sting from one of these monsters can be deadly. The poison causes a build-up of fluid in the lungs with the victim dying within 24 hours of an attack.

And finally we will mention the Asian carp, an invading fish that can grow up to four feet in length, weigh over 100 pounds, and leap up to eight feet out of the water and right into a fisherman's boat. This creature is in the Mississippi River, destroying natural fish populations there, and migrating northward toward the Great Lakes at a speed of about fifty miles a year. The concern is that it could enter Lake Michigan through the Illinois River and the Chicago Ship Canal and eventually destroy the natural ecosystem of the Great Lakes. The carp were imported from China by southern U.S. fish farmers in the early 1970s, and they escaped into the Mississippi.