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What Is Behind The Media Blackout Of Kucinich Campaign?


By James Donahue


First it was ABC, and now it is MSNBC and the courts who are blocking Democratic Presidential Candidate Dennis Kucinich from participating in televised public debates. Why is a viable candidate with something different and politically important to say being stonewalled?


Could it be that Kucinich is an embarrassment to the current Bush Administration as well as some of his own party rivals who have fallen in lock-step with the establishment over issues of the Iraq War and other issues like calling for the impeachment of Vice-President Dick Cheney?


While the media is claiming it is only trying to thin the herd and make the publicized debates more meaningful, the elimination of Kucinich, who surely offers a different point of view from the other lack-luster candidates, must be considered an attempt to control the minds of the electorates.


Viable Democratic candidates like Kucinich, Edwards and some of the others have been skillfully pushed out of the limelight as the media fills the airways with what appears to be a manufactured interest in Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. The constant barrage of news about these two candidates . . . “the first woman and first black”. . . to be leading in the race for the party nomination, appears to be working.


What we all know to be a fact is that the American public is not now, and may never be ready to elect either a woman or a black candidate to fill the president’s office. What is happening is that we are being skillfully set up to elect another Republican puppet to big business interests to succeed the one that is leaving.


If the electoral process was being conducted correctly, and without interference by such forces as Murdock’s Fox News and CNN, we believe the contest after New Hampshire and Michigan would be focused on such bright stars as Edwards and Kucinich, rather than two people with the odds stacked against them because of old social taboos in the American culture. Most religious belief systems refuse to put the woman in positions of leadership and authority. And blacks are still fighting for their equality, even though we have come a long way since the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s.


That ABC News blocked Kucinich from appearing in nationally televised debates before New Hampshire, and now MSNBC has acquired a Nevada Supreme Court ruling that allows it to prevent Kucinich from participating in this week’s debate, is a very bad sign that the looming presidential election is going to be rigged.


Kucinich is fighting back, of course. He has called for a recount of the New Hampshire primary elections, suggesting that there were irregularities in the vote count. And some election officials agree with him.


And Kucinich also is using his power in congress to launch an investigation into issues involving the FCC. He announced last week he would be heading up a new house subcommittee that will hold hearings “to push media reform right at the center of Washington. We know the media has become the servant of a very narrow corporate agenda,” he said.