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Christian Influence Slams That Controversial Cameron Documentary

By James Donahue

It is interesting to note that the power of the Christian church seemingly caused the Discovery Channel to not only play down James Cameron's controversial documentary, The Lost Tomb of Jesus, but rebut the work with a follow-up panel, moderated by Ted Koppel, that bashed the story as "archaeo-porn."

In spite of Nielsen ratings showing that the show drew Discovery's largest audience in over two years, at 4.1 million viewers, a planned second showing of "Tomb" was yanked.

It appears that the issue of challenging the Christian story concerning the so-called resurrection of Jesus is so important to the church and Christian-dominated America, that even a science-based television studio like Discovery had trouble presenting it.

For those who may not know, the Cameron documentary reports the discovery of the remains of what some say are not only a dead Jesus, but also those of Mary Magdalene and a son they may have borne together.

The problem was so massive for Discovery, that a second showing was canceled and the only showing was blasted as a work of faction by a panel of talking heads.

No matter what Discovery did to attempt to cover the documentary, the information in it was so sensational its contents got major media coverage, especially via the World Wide Web, prior to the March 4 showing. Thus the damage to the dying church was already done. The question is now rooted in the collective unconsciousness of humanity.

The finding of the bones of Jesus means that the prophet who lived and taught among the Hebrew people 2,000 years ago was probably murdered, just as Prophet Aaron C. Donahue has stated. It also means that Jesus did not rise from the dead and ascent into the sky, as the Christian church teaches. It was a lie at the time the story was invented when the New Testament was canonized, and it remains a lie today. It is time for this whole mess to be exposed for what it is, and the power of that enslaving religious cult dismantled before it leads the world into self-destruct.

That Jesus had sex with Mary and that they may have been parents to a son identified as Judah, strikes yet another blow to the church, which has implied that a virtuous woman is a virgin, and that Jesus walked this world abstaining from sexual gratification. Not only did Jesus have sex with Mary, but there is strong evidence in some writings of that period, that he also had sex with a young boy named Bartholomew. It is just possible that Jesus was very sexually active and may even have been marked as a pedophile by today's standards.

The actions by Discovery Channel are yet another example of the way the church-influenced media industry in America is manipulating the minds of the people.