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The Building Of A Grand Solar System

By James Donahue

"And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters."

The writer of the familiar passages in Genesis 1:2-13 depicted in few words vivid images of an early earth, and the slow evolutionary process that went on as the new planet cooled and the new sun began stoking its fires, spewing light and warmth out into the surrounding heavens.

The events in these passages occurred over a period of billions of years, not in two days.

Contemporary astronomers theorize that a region at the center of our galaxy acts something like the marrow in our bones, constantly creating new cells that replace dying cells throughout the body. But in the galaxy, there is a constant action of new star formation as old stars burn out and turn into supernovas, spewing their energy and particles back into space.

The business of star formation is a violent one. Some of the newly created stars burn so hot they die early, after only a few million years in explosions so massive they send deadly radiation out into deep space, destroying any chance of life on nearby star systems.

Our solar system was among the lucky ones. The sun is small in comparison to most of the other stars observed around us, and it burns at a level that scientists believe will keep it stable for a very long time.

When it all began, things were very hot and explosive. The Earth appears to be a spin-off of super-heated elements that solidified as they cooled and collected as a planet. The same thing was going on as all of the planets, moons and smaller satellites formed and fell into their own orbits around our sun.

Just how it all came about is still a mystery, but science, armed with new images from the new Spitzer Space Telescope that looks deep into the distant past, has developed a few theories. They range from explosive creation to collisions of giant rocks. All of it seems to have happened by design.

However it happened, scientists believe it took billions of years for the process to complete itself and all of the elements to collectively start to put together the building blocks from which life would spring. Once there was water, oxygen and soil, and conditions were perfect, the Mother Earth began producing life.

Indeed the face of God moved over the waters. The living universe has been operating like this for longer than we can perceive. Like a tiny cell generated to briefly live within the body of the whole, our solar system had a beginning and will have an end. But the body will replace it with another and continue on.

Our solar system may be no more than a cell within the body of the energy communication system we refer to as Nuit, or God. And from that perspective, just how insignificant are we?