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Growing Evidence Of Mass Election Corruption


By James Donahue


First it was Dennis Kucinich and then John Edwards, two of the Democratic Party’s best choices for presidential competition, announcing decisions to quit their campaigns. Before that it was Chris Dodd and Bill Richardson.


This means that the corporate controlled media has scored a major victory in eliminating the party’s best shots at pushing the Republicans out of Washington in November.


What we have left are the two lime-lighted warriors . . .battle-scarred Hillary Clinton and gentle-spoken Barack Obama . . . candidates who, although both well qualified for the office, are fighting an uphill battle because neither of them fit the old established mold for presidential fabric. If elected, Hillary would be the first woman president, and Obama the first black president. And it may be wishful thinking to believe that either event is possible in this nation of bigoted constituency.


The people who really run this nation understand the way people think and behave. Costly studies have been conducted by hired statisticians who specialize in calculating just how the masses react when stimulated in subtle ways by not only crass television advertising and slanted news reports, but from a variety of other information, often delivered in subliminal ways so that people don’t realize they are being brainwashed.


Thus is was that men with popular messages, but with ideas that roll harshly against the grain of the established corporate/capitalist system now in power, have been quickly eliminated from among the contestants.


Notice, too, how the popular votes in the presidential primaries already held have shifted between Obama and Clinton, constantly keeping them in a running horse-race in front of the pack. Is this really the way voters in these early primaries cast their ballot, or has there been some hanky-panky going on?


Consider what has been occurring in New Hampshire, where Clinton surprised everyone and recovered from the Obama victory one week earlier in Idaho. Was that really what happened? Attempts to force a recount of the New Hampshire ballots by hand counting, and setting aside the questionable electronic/computerized count on the Diebold machines, have been stonewalled.


Most people don’t know about the New Hampshire recount issue because the national media has totally ignored it. But a few enterprising Internet reporters . . . and especially the gang at Brad Blog, have remained on top of it from the start. What they are discovering is that state officials are not only balking, but are pulling a few shady tricks that are keeping reporters and ballot watchers constantly on their toes to make sure the recount . . . costing some $60,000 to force . . . is done correctly and fairly.


The first phase of the recount, financed by Dennis Kucinich, strangely halted after only one New Hampshire county was completed. The official word was that Kucinich ran out of money. What Brad Blog investigators discovered, however, was that there were so many “irregularities” uncovered in that county’s ballot count that it suggests state-wide corruption designed to manipulate the outcome of the election.


The New Hampshire recount appears to be going forward, however, thanks to Albert Howard, a Republican candidate, who plunked down the full $60,000 to assure that there were no more excuses.


The problem in all of this is that our suspicions of election manipulation and corruption are unproven, and may remain so indefinitely, or at least for long after it is too late for us to do anything about it. And after two terms under the most corrupt administration in our nation’s history, it is vital that US voters get a fair chance this time around to elect a real leader . . . someone capable of pulling us out of the mess that George W. Bush created during his time in office.


What frightens us about what we are seeing is that we are thinking it possible that Mr. Bush wasn’t really as stupid as his actions made him appear. We suspect that he was simply following orders during his years in the White House. And we fear that the next person allowed to hold that office is going to do the very same thing.


Whoever it is that really pulls the strings of the U.S. government appears to like things just the way they are, and may be doing everything possible to keep them that way.


No terrorist organization could do a better job of destroying this great nation, and do it so quickly and with as much skill.