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Miracle God Sightings Going On All Over The Place

By James Donahue

As the burning understanding of a looming end of everything burrows deeper and deeper into the collective unconsciousness of the masses we are witnessing a frantic grasping for proof that the artificial gods created in the distant past are really there.

News clips of a number of miraculous Jesus sightings have been popular in recent months. Also there was a vision of Mary in, of all places, Las Vegas, and a man in India is claiming to be the Son of God who has returned to save the world.

Here is the news in more detail, for those of you wishing to know it.

Perhaps the most interesting of the "miracles" is a claim by a Czech art dealer in the town of Pilsen that he is exhibiting a mystery painting of Jesus that opens and closes its eye as gallery visitors look at the work from various angles.

The name of the 150-year-old painting by an unknown artist is Jesus Wept. It depicts Christ with his eyes closed and his hand covering a portion of his face. Only the left eye is visible. At first glance the eye is closed. But people claim that sometimes when they look the eye is open. Is it a trick of light or is something a bit esoteric going on here? Whatever is going on, the painting is attracting people from all over the Czech Republic.

Elsewhere, in St. Paul's Catholic Church in the French resort of Cannes, on the Riviera, worshipers are packing the sanctuary where members of a special prayer group are claiming to be getting visions of both Jesus and Mary. Those who receive these visions are strangely struck by harsh afflictions such as vomiting and convulsions.

Group leader Rita Gomez said the visions usually begin with the building trembling as the members are deep in prayer. "Then various worshipers will fall of their seats shaking violently or being sick. When they come around a few minutes later, they say Christ or the Holy Virgin has appeared and spoken to them."

She said a 14-year-old girl who attended went into fits and then began smashing windows. After this she began bleeding a pinkish-yellow blood. "This might sound like the work of the devil rather than God, but everyone who experiences a vision says it was Jesus and Mary that appeared to them," Gomez said.

In Jacksonville, Florida, a woman walking her dog discovered an image of Jesus in a tree in the front yard of a private home. The image appeared a week before Christmas and was featured on a local television station. Since then people from all over flock to see the miraculous vision. They say they see the face, eyes and even the crown of thorns as they stare at the tree bark.

And in Las Vegas, people have discovered a new image of the Virgin Mary in a watermark in a rock retaining wall attached to a private garage. The image is said to be half hidden behind a scrub brush so was discovered by accident. Since its discovery, however, the site has become a drawing card for the faithful who gather to stare. Strangers are beginning to leave flowers.

Finally, R. C. Mishr, who has adopted the name Lordeshwar Bhagwan of India, is claiming to be the only son of God. The man, is walking around offering to heal people, and he is gaining a following. It is said that thousands of people are literally camping near his home in hopes of the reward of his healing touch. Some say a mere glimpse delivers healing powers.

"It is not just that I am claiming anything but I am the God," said Bhagwan. "I don't need to prove myself before anyone. I am beyond any science."

What is strange is the number of people willing to bow down and pray to all of this foolishness. They fail to find the god within.

--January 2007