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Star Trek “Cloaking” May Become Reality


By James Donahue


A team of scientists at University of Texas say it has found a way to cloak three-dimensional objects so that they are invisible to the enemy.


In a report published in a recent issue of New Journal of Physics, calls the discovery “plasmonic cloaking.” They wrote that the team found that it could use the method to hide an 18-centimeter cylindrical tube from microwaves.


Earlier cloaking experiments only succeeded in cloaking two-dimensional objects.


This new device not only scatters light, but coats the object with a nanometer-sized  plasmonic material that scatters the light along with other electromagnetic waves, the report said.


Lead scientist in the team, Andrea Alu, said that the technique’s advantage “is its robustness and moderately broad bandwidth.” Alu said this made it far superior to cloaks based on transformation meta-materials.


The report said the team found that the new technique also is capable of cloaking light, which opens the door for what could be a “new age of cloaking devices.”


While the team at University of Texas is looking into ways of using the technique for scientific experimentation, we should not doubt that the U.S. military also is looking closely at plasmonic cloaking.


Imagine being able to completely cloak aircraft, ships, trucks, tanks and possibly even armies during time of war. Could not such an army be almost invincible when it goes up against an enemy force? You can’t attack something you cannot see.


The whole concept of making material things invisible has some frightening ramifications. Imagine how powers within governments might use such cloaking to control crowds and spy on not only the enemies of state, but the people in general. Instead of using supplicated listening devices, an invisible government agent might simply enter our home and sit quietly, listening to every word we say, and watch everything we do.


It could be the ultimate attack on our Constitutional rights as free citizens. And it could lead to world domination.


That is, of course, unless the other nations also get their hands on this technology.


As the poet Sir Walter Scott once wrote: “Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.”