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Portals To Earth May Be A Military Secret


By James Donahue


In our encounter with The Abba Father on January 26 we learned that the U. S. military is presently in control of two known portals that have existed on Earth for thousands of years.


We received this information after asking about an Internet story, 2012 Enigma, that told of engineered “structural stargates that are used to travel through space and time through wormholes.” The story, which appeared based on the popular Stargate television series, seemed so unbelievable we had to ask about it after The Abba Father told of using portals to travel to and from Earth.


The answer was that “this way is not correct.” The Abba Father explained that these natural portals have always existed, that there are many of them connecting every planet in the universe that supports life.


He said the Old Ones knew that humans would eventually begin discovering these portals so allowed us to find two of them. Both are under strict military control. Both of them may be in use.


The author of the Stargate story, Einstein Rosen Bridge, appears to have some of the facts correct. In addition to using the portals to travel through space and time, he wrote that they were “established on every planet in our galaxy that could sustain life.”


Bridge wrote that some “working structures were uncovered in Egypt and underwater off the coast of Cuba where the very tightly held secret of Atlantis is being suppressed.”


He also suggests that the real reason the United States invaded Iraq in 2003 was to acquire “cylinder seals” there that could be used to manufacture new Stargate devices through reverse engineering. The seals, he wrote, were “given to the ancient Sumerians who faithfully replicated this information on cuneiform texts.”


We find it odd that Bridge acquired enough information to report a story that touched on something that may be partly true.


While there never have been operating Stargate machines that propel humans and object from planet to planet, as portrayed in the television series, the military may have its hands on natural entrances to real portals that do something very similar.


That the Old Ones will be using the still unknown portals to come to Earth and help humanity clean up the mess we have made of this planet and kick out the gang of organized crooks that have kept us all enslaved for thousands of years, could be good news.


The way this will be done, and the extreme changes that face us all, may be difficult to endure.


The other possible good news is that if such portals really exist, and if humans can pass safely through them to other worlds, then the need to build costly ships to explore the Universe in search of a new home, once Earth is no longer livable, may be unnecessary.