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Find Your Power - Turn On Your Light With Suzie Donahue


By James Donahue


Advanced Theta Healer Suzie Donahue is making the benefits of ThetaHealing® available to a broad number of people for an affordable price via group conference telephone calls beginning Thursday, January 5. This is being offered to allow everyone to remember how to access their personal power and consciously create their reality.


Called the Theta Power Club, people can sign up for the program by going to Donahue’s web site: http://www.thetahealingbenefits.com/powerthetaclub.html and enrolling in the Theta Power Club program.


Four group sessions are offered each month beginning at 4 p.m. Pacific Time or 7 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. Members will receive e-mailed instructions for conference calling before each session. All sessions will be recorded and available for members unable to participate in the live sessions, although live participation is preferred. Members pay by the month or you can specifically request be charged on a reoccurring basis. On months where there are five Thursdays, a fifth session will be offered at no additional charge. Members may begin or drop out at any time.


Donahue, who is using an effective new approach to ThetaHealing®, what she is calling The Eternal Formula, says the January group session participants will be working on clearing old subconscious programs that may be the cause of personal lack of prosperity.


Donahue has studied under Vianna Stibal, the American founder who claims to have been personally healed from terminal cancer in 1995. Donahue, who has a growing practice as both a healer and teacher, completed advanced studies and now holds a Certificate of Science, the highest degree offered in ThetaHealing®.


ThetaHealing® is the trade name for a technique that focuses on forms of personal thought and prayer and the natural intuition of the practitioners is to produce physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

Since Suzie was in Idaho acquiring her Certificate of Science degree she became aware of the role of radiation on this planet and its divine purpose is to bring to the surface all of our ancestral programs on the genetic level. She said: “If we could clear that programmed history where races and religions were vying for power, we might be able to move on to the next level of evolution. The more cell phones, wifis and smart meters that are used and nuclear reactors that melt down, the more intense our lack of tolerance becomes.”

Indeed things are getting more and more intense. Will we be able to clear enough to become the Masters we were meant meant to be?  Are we forever going to be reactionary automatons with no control over our lives? Will we destroy ourselves while carrying out the drives of our ancestors?

Those are the questions.  Suzie Donahue’s  solution is to offer clearings on a group level at an affordable price. Thus Power Theta Club was born.