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Talking to the Dead

A few years ago, while my wife and I were on a spiritual journey through the arid State of Arizona, we received word that my mother was dying.

We were living hand-to-mouth in those days, and it took a great effort to scrape together enough cash to make a trip across a few hundred miles of mountains to visit her in Albuquerque, New Mexico. That was the last time I saw her in this world. She died a few weeks later. We were unable to return until after her remains were cremated and only the mourning family members were left.

I was deeply saddened about this. I felt robbed of a chance to touch her face one last time and say good-by. It was something personal that I needed to do. The contemporary and worn-out description for this is "closure."

It was at about this time that I was using a home training course, offered by
The Monroe Institute, in Faber, Virginia, to enter a higher mental state. The program, which used special musical sound called "Hemi-Sync," listened to through a headset, taught us to do a variety of nifty things including self healing, self-improvement, and out-of-body travel.

Within weeks after mother's death, I achieved my first out-of-body experience. I felt myself fly up out of the room where I was listening to the tape, and found myself in an apartment directly above the one we lived in. I remember seeing a bright green carpet and a lamp with a red shade. I thought I imagined what I saw until I had a chance to visit that apartment, and confirmed that the room above my bedroom had green carpet and a lamp with a red shade.

Experimentation with more out-of-body travel in the weeks after this brought me face-to-face one day with my mother. I was amazed to find her looking radiant and young, a woman in the prime of life. She was happy and glad to see me. The world in the astral is a silent one, however, and no words were exchanged. We spoke telepathically, which was just fine. The Monroe tapes also teach you the basics for that kind of communication. You visualize pictures in your mind rather than speak words aloud.

At the same time, my wife, Doris, who can communicate with the dead through a form of writing, treated me to several personal sessions with her. Mom said she was so surprised at the relief she felt after so many weeks of illness and suffering. She said she was suddenly "cured," and could breath again. And she did not feel pain. But she seemed to think she was still among the living.

It was not long after this that Mom understood that she was dead. She said she was in a very nice place where she thought she would wait for Dad. She also said she was worried about Dad because he had stopped taking his vitamins. When I asked my father about this, he was shocked. He said it was true, he had quit taking the daily regime of pills she had insisted that he consume while she was alive. Obviously the dead can see what we are up to, even though we rarely ever see the dead.

Mom didn't wait a long time in that state. The last time I made an out-of-body visit, she was dramatically changed. She was almost pure light and was so bright I had difficulty looking at her. She said she was preparing to leave soon, and was going on into the light. When I left her that time, I knew I would never see her again, but it was not a sad parting. There was something about her journey that made me very happy. I have since realized that this light she entered is the great energy we call God. It is where we all come from and where we all should return after we leave these bodies.

It is because of this experience, and because of my wife's ability to communicate with the dead, that we have become very comfortable with death. It is not a terrible thing to die. It is the simple passing from this existence into another.

The tragedy about the death experience, however, is that most people do not understand it. The church has done a thorough job of implanting a fear of death into anyone who comes in contact with religion. All this talk about judgment and eternal damnation by fire after death has implanted a sense of horror at the thought of leaving this body. It is all a big lie.

Because of the erroneous teachings of the church, the world is filled with ghosts. Ghosts are the spirits of people who do not realize they are dead. They continue to go through their daily activities as if they are still among the living. That the people around them are unreceptive to their presence does not seem to make much of a difference. Perhaps that is because most of us live relatively lonely lives while in this existence anyway.

When she discovered that she could talk to the dead, Doris also discovered that the dead are anxious to talk to us. They have things they want to tell us.

Our son, Aaron, moved into a very haunted building a few years ago. He said the building was filled with the spirits of the dead. Because he is psychic, he frequently saw shadowy figures passing through walls, heard strange sounds in the night, and even spoke to some of the spirits.

Because he understood death, Aaron was not afraid of the ones he shared the building with. Instead, he experimented with ways of communicating with them. One of the methods he used was a tape recorder. He would leave the recorder on for long periods of time, ask questions of the spirits, and let them answer. When he played the recordings, if you turned the sound to its highest level, you could hear faint whispering of voices. The spirits were speaking and he was recording them.

Aaron's equipment was not the best, and it was almost impossible to understand any message left on his recordings. But a priest in Argentina, Fr. Brancois Brune, uses a similar method of recording messages from the dead.

Brune is one of the world's leading authorities on the subject of "Trans-Instrumental Communication." He possesses thousands of taped voices from dead people who he says have communicated with their relatives through a variety of modern electronic devices.

The priest claims that anyone can capture these voices. All you need is a good tape recorder, a new tape and a microphone that can capture background noise. Brune suggests praying before each session. We found it is necessary to use a form of prayer to order other life forms to leave so that the voices of the dead can be heard. Without this, the messages may come to you from entities other than the dead. Turn the tape recorder on, ask a question, and then allow about a 30-second silence to get your answer. Then ask other questions. After doing this a few times, rewind the tape and just listen. If you are lucky, the priest says you will hear answers to the questions.

Brune says most sounds are like whispers that are difficult to understand. But he says there are exceptional cases in which words can clearly be heard, as thought they were transported through a telephone line.

The priest believes that some of the voices are coming from Hell because he has heard howling, screaming, crying and appeals for help. I think I know the reason for this.

In his explorations of the astral, Aaron discovered that there is both a heaven and a hell, but only because a lot of humans believe in these places and have used their collective consciousness to create them. But there is no reason for anyone to go to either place. They are both traps created by the church. We were always supposed to return to the light, not move into fire and brimstone, or a city full of religious ornaments made of gold and silver. Our destiny was supposed to be much more than this.

But there is something even more terrifying happening.

We are living in a time of great spiritual warfare. The war that has been raging in the astral has become so violent it has spread to our third dimensional plane on Earth. This war is the last great battle, the so-called apocalypse. Not only are we destroying our planet, but the war has destroyed the astral world. I think this is why my mother moved on into the light so quickly. This is the message the dead had for Doris. Everything there is in chaos.

To die now is to go into total darkness. Without knowing the way, or without someone to guide you, it is impossible for the dead to find their way into the light. This is not a good time to die.

There is a red cloaked one, known to the ancients as Huktuctu, and to the Christians as Satan, who is busy devouring souls. To die now is to be lost for eternity. You don't go to hell. Once dead, you are in danger of having your soul, that spark of light that is God in each of us, torn away. Once it happens, the person that was you dissipates as a speck of nothing.

This is the fate of billions of foolish humans on this planet who choose to avoid love and make war. This is the fate of billions of foolish humans who chose the love of money over the love of the planet that feeds and nourishes them.