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Undiscovered Elements, Minerals, Exist In Our Universe


By James Donahue


The recent discovery of hapkeite, a new mineral made from iron and silicon dug out of a meteorite, supports the strange predictions of a Scottish gentleman I came in contact with some years back.


This man, obviously possessed by demonic or angelic energies, was such an enigma I spent several evenings at his home, sharing thoughts and hearing what he had to say.


He was an illiterate mechanic with only an eighth grade education, yet he suddenly had his head filled with information that he could not explain. He said he was directed by an entity to write a book about all of the knowledge that was pouring into his head and turned to me to help him put it all into words.


The problem was that the information the man had lacked consistency. It was just raw data and lots of it. He wrote down numeric charts that he said were keys to the music of the angels, names of constellations and stars not yet seen, and the names of elements not yet recognized by science.


It later became obvious that the man was possessed by the Goetia Spirit Dantalion, the demon of heads. Dantalion portrays himself as an entity with many heads that speaks through one mouth. He can take over a person’s mind, fill them with information, and predicts the future.


That the man would predict the existence of new and undiscovered elements was not something that I found impossible to believe. After all, scientists have been identifying new elements on our own planet over a process of many years.


For example, element number 111, roentgenium (Rg) was only officially named by German scientists earlier this year (2004). At least one other element, ununbium, was discovered in 1976.


Twelve other elements, the heavy metals dubnium, seaborgium, bohrium, meitnerium, ununnilium, unununium and ununbium, and the rare earths lawrencium, nobelium, mendelevium, fermium, einsteinium and californium were all found since 1950.


When I studied chemistry in high school there were but 96 known elements in the world. Today there are 111.  


That new and exciting elements might be discovered on other worlds also is to be considered. That this new mineral would be found within pieces of a meteorite that crashed to earth in Oman, on the Saudi peninsula, only confirms the amazing mysteries that lie in space.


The mineral bears the name of Professor Bruce Hapke, of the University of Pittsburgh, who predicted the process that forms this mineral about 30 years ago. Hapke said the mineral theoretically existed even though it was never found.


He was proven right.