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Reality Check

The Mind of James Donahue

Dark Matter – The Mysterious Universe Beyond Our Scope


By James Donahue


It has been just recently that scientists have discovered that the Universe is filled with something called dark matter and dark energy . . . stuff that shows up in quantum physics but not in our range of sight.


They are busy now trying to figure out just what dark matter is, how it works, the role it plays in the scheme of things, and why it remains invisible to us.


Some have gone so far as to suggest that dark matter is negative matter. Others describe it as an invisible fluid ever flowing throughout the space between the stars. It seems to be the opposite of the positive matter that comprises the suns, moons and planets operating throughout the various solar systems and galaxies in our known universe.


Thus the existence of negative stuff, or dark matter, is as incomprehensible to us as is the existence of an after-life, a spiritual god figure, ghosts and alien beings. We talk about them because we think we see or experience the effects of their presence, and some people really believe in them. Yet nobody can see these things either.


It is a matter of faith in just knowing such things exist, or don’t exist.


I had an experience while living on the Navajo reservation a few years ago that helps me grasp the concept of dark matter.


My wife and I spent a winter with a Navajo medicine man and his wife, who lived in a simple house in the midst of the vast high Arizona desert near the Four Corners region. Our hosts were away a lot and left Doris and me alone to watch the property and tend to their affairs at home.


Sometimes some very strange things went on there.


All Navajo people keep dogs. And this home was no exception. I think there were at least five of them sleeping just outside our bedroom window. Every time some strange animal or car got within a mile of the house, the dogs barked.


One night the dogs started barking and the sounds they made seemed more urgent than normal. I got up, grabbed my rifle, and went to the door to have a look. What I saw still makes the hair in the back of my neck tingle just thinking about it.


There, not more than 100 feet from the house, in the middle of the dirt trail that we used as a driveway and road, was a vast expanse of negative blackness. Before the smog arrived, the night sky in Arizona used to always be brightly lit with moon and starlight, so everything was in clear view to people with pupils dilated for night vision.


Since I didn’t turn on any lights, I should have been able to see that roadway as well as I saw the rest of the yard. But I couldn’t. The vast expanse of darkness was larger than a two-story house, and probably 60 feet wide. It spooked me and it really frightened the dogs.


There was a sense that it was living matter. Something very ominous stood there in that roadway. It was as if a void existed in that space. Not only was nothing there, that nothingness was a large expanse of something that absorbed the light around it. I sensed that it was alive and looking right at me.


I don’t know why I did it, but I fired a couple of shots off in the air in hopes of frightening whatever it was away. Nothing happened. It continued to remain in that place, like a large, impenetrable wall of negative blackness. I chose not to fire into the black, although I doubt if it would have mattered much.


I remember staring at it for a long time, thinking how strange it was. After a while I found my eyes getting heavy and trudged back to our bed. I recall thinking that perhaps this was just an illusion . . . that I was just looking at a shadow and that my mind was playing tricks. Thus I created a comforting sense of non-belief, that I wasn’t really experiencing what I thought I was experiencing.


The dogs continued their barking long into the night. They obviously saw what I did not see. And it spooked them too.


The next morning I went back to the door and looked at the trail. The blackness was gone. The dogs were quiet. All was back to normal.


This experience was part of our training in reality during our time in Arizona. What we learned was the very theme of this web site. Nothing is as it seems. We live in a left brain world created by the society in which we live. But there is much more to be seen. All we need to do is turn on the right hemisphere of our brains and open that third eye.


The entire universe is filled to the brim with life. In fact, the universe is alive. Nuit is the dark matter while Hadit is the dark energy. They are all around us.