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German Scientists Look At Psychic Functioning


By James Donahue


Strange how it takes science a long time to catch up to things a lot of people have known all along. They know it even though they have been told all of their lives that what they "know" is wrong.


Like that “prickly” feeling we get in the back of the neck when we sense someone is watching us from a dark alley, window, or even a closed circuit video camera. We’ve always sensed it. We don’t know why we know but we know that someone’s eyes are watching us.


Knowledge like that defies logic.


Now a team of researchers at Freiberg University in Germany, headed by Dr. Stefan Schmidt, has looked at this phenomenon and team members say they have evidence that humans really do have a “sixth sense” about being watched.


It took two different experiments repeated a thousand times before they reached this conclusion. That sounds like a lot of unnecessary work when their findings compare perfectly to things most folks already know. We don’t know why but we just know when a stranger’s eyes are peering.


The experiments were done in two phases.


The first, called “remote staring,” involved two volunteers seated in separate rooms. One watched the other by way of a closed circuit television monitor that was periodically turned on and off by a third operator under controlled conditions. The person being watched did not know when the camera was on or off. He or she was connected to electrodes that recorded any changes to electrical activity of the skin.


The second part of the experiment, called “direct mental interaction,” was similar except it was done without the camera. In this experiment, the “antagonist” was required to simply use mental concentration to make the “victim” feel uncomfortable and then relaxed during specific times he or she was seated in the sealed room.


The team used a complex statistical scale to grade the studies based on the paranormal effect recorded. The electronic monitor proved repeatedly that in both experiments, the group recorded “a small but significant effect,” Schmidt wrote in an article published by the British Journal of Psychology.


Those of us familiar with the paranormal recognize the power of the human mind. When the brain is fully activated, that is with both left and right hemispheres of the bicameral brain in balance, it is possible for mere human thought to bend and move objects, or to heal people.


To the opposite extreme, anger can sometimes send energies off that cause negative effects. I recall an incident where a woman became so angry she shut off several strings of lights in a building. The power remained off for several hours in spite of attempts to repair any problems that might be causing the electrical failure. Within a few hours, however, the power came back on as mysteriously as it left, and everything was back to normal.


A few years ago, my wife and I were experimenting with mind power. By working together, we made a hanging light in the closed room sway.


On another occasion, while Doris and I were being mentally bombarded with bad energy that we believed was coming from a woman that practiced black witchcraft, we experimented with mentally shielding ourselves and sending the energy back. It was not long before we heard this woman moan from an adjoining room. We were quite sure the experiment worked.


Some years ago, Czech psychologist Milan Ryzl experimented with two telepathic people located many miles apart. The sender attempted to make the receiver uncomfortable with thoughts of being buried alive. The experiments ended when the victim developed a severe attack of asthma.


In yet another Czeck experiment, it was noted that one person concentrating on another could also induce a rise in blood pressure.


All of this goes back to that old warning about karma. As the story goes, we need to be careful about our thoughts because the energy we send out can sometimes cause harm to others. It also can come back on us.