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Mystery Creature

Contemporary Anomalies Leave Us Scratching Our Heads


By James Donahue


The stories of strange and unexplained phenomena just keep flying as we move through the most peculiar of times. As I sift through the following collection of oddities I have to wonder if the gods aren't laughing aloud as we try to find meaning to things that fail to fit within our fashioned tunnel of reality.


Consider the man in Asheboro, North Carolina, who managed to get a picture of a peculiar animal that experts can't identify. The creature that looks a bit like a fox but with short hair and a cat's tail, showed up when Bill Kurdian was feeding dried corn to the animals during the past winter. He used special movement sensitive camera equipment to capture the critter on film to prove his story.


Then there is the skeletal remains of a massive giant humanoid figure uncovered by a gas exploration team in the desert regions of Saudi Arabia. While the Saudi military is reportedly keeping the discovery under wraps, the story is that a helicopter team captured a picture of the monster skeleton from the air and it has been passed around via the Internet and appears with this story (bottom of page). Notice the man working next to the skull which appears almost as large as a human. Is it a hoax?


Ah but the stories dont stop here. Consider the following:


--Doctors in China are puzzled over a man from Guangzhou that passes green sweat. The man sought medical help after he broke out in the colored perspiration while he was helping a friend move furniture. The bright green liquid poured down his arms and forehead.


--The New York Post said a boat party in an exclusive area of Long Island was recently interrupted when a severed human hand mysteriously dropped out of the sky and onto the deck. The boats owner told police he heard a noise and looked to find the hand on the aft deck. Police said they have no idea where it came from.


--A 68-year-old man in northern Thailand was munching on durian, a pungent local fruit, when his body overheated and he dropped dead. Friends said Thavin Chaiya suddenly called for water, then his eyes bulged and he fell to the floor in convulsions. He died on the way to a hospital. Local doctors say the fruit caused his body's metabolism to overheat.


--Natasha Demkina, of Saransk, Russia, is a 16-year-old with a unique gift, reports Pravda. The girl can see right through the human body and tell people what is wrong. She is already studying medicine at Moscow's State University of Ogarey so she can help use medical terminology to help doctors diagnose problems. They describe her as a walking X-ray and ultrasound machine. "I see an entire human organism," Natasha said. "It is difficult to explain how I determine specific illnesses There are certain impulses that I feel from the damaged organs."


--In Clarksville, Indiana, Jason Grisham, 22, was climbing a fenced-off electrical tower and got jolted with 69,000 volts of juice. He miraculously survived. Police said Grisham was burned on his chest and his pants exploded. He also was knocked off the 15-foot-high tower to the ground. Power was disrupted to 6,800 customers. Authorities said they don't know how the man survived the jolt.


X-Ray Eyes

Saudi Giant