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Aaron C. Donahue

Aaron Will Stop Terrorists For A Price


By James Donahue


Psychic and advanced remote viewer Aaron C. Donahue has posted an ominous message on his blog page; he is offering to stop the next terrorist attack on the United States.


But Donahue says he will do it for a price . . . and his price is high. He wants $2 million for advance information and $10 million upon successful intervention of any and all terrorist actions related to a specific event.


Posted on Sunday, June 13, Donahue gives little information except to say that "the next terrorist act within the United States of America is preventable."


He also proclaims that he is the only person with the proper skills in psychic functioning and the practical application and acquisition of non-historical data (PAN) to stop what is going to happen.


Apparently Donahue has seen something that is disturbing him.


"For the initial sum of $2,000,000 (US), I will rework any and all previous sets of related data and solve for a location, time and method by which the terrorist act is intended. Exactly one-half of this initial sum will be given to a non-human related charity," he wrote.


He continues: "The sum of $10,000,000 (US) will be due upon the successful intervention of any and all terrorist actions relative to aforementioned data."


If the next attack in any way compares to what was inflicted on the World Trade Towers and Pentagon in terms of property damage and lives, Donahues price is a wonderful bargain. Knowing what we know now, who would not have paid that much or more to have prevented the events of 9-11 from taking place?


While working with Remote Viewing instructors Maj. Ed Dames and F. M. Bonsall prior to the 911 attack, Donahue came up with information that could have prevented the attack. Unfortunately due to a lack of interest in his work, the data was never worked again, or checked by other viewers.


The data showed two missile-like attacks striking a specific area within New York City at some future date. If Donahue had the support he needed then, the world would be a much different place today.


Donahue states that the initial run of any viewing session will produce peripheral information leading to future sessions that pertain to specific questions. "The aforementioned 911 data was specific enough to raise the right questions and provide the answers needed to prevent the attack."