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The Mars Rock That Fell To Earth


It was in 1996, when we were living in magical Sedona, that the news broke about a fossilized rock from Mars found some years earlier in the Antarctic ice.


I recall watching the televised news interview with a panel of government scientists who explained why they believed the tiny images of primitive life forms found in the rock were the first proof that life existed on other planets than our own.


But how could such a rock end up on Earth, the team was asked. They answered that it apparently was hurled into space by some powerful cataclysmic event,  like a volcanic eruption or possibly a collision with a large asteroid. It then drifted for millions of years before getting pulled into Earths gravitational field and making a fiery landing in the ice.


It seemed to be a plausible explanation to us at the time, especially coming from the lips of such a panel of distinguished scientists while we were living in a place where we were surrounded by witches, magicians and channelers.


That discovery appears to have established a national belief that life, indeed, exists in space. It has led us to a current situation where we have two, if not three nations, the U.S., China and Russia, engaged in a new space race to send astronauts to Mars in search of the possibility of colonizing that planet.


(At least that is what the general public is being led to believe. I personally think the real race is to be the first nation to gain military superiority in space, thus gaining control of the Earth.)


An interesting letter by Ted Twietmeyer that recently appeared in the Rense website challenges the idea that a rock could ever fall to Earth from Mars.


Twietmeyer said his letter was prompted by what he thought was a "dumb" statement by a television news reporter that suggested a particular rock being examined by one of the NASA rovers on Mars shows a composition "similar to that of meteorites thought to have come from Mars."


The letter then proceeded to ridicule the supposition that a Mars rock really came to Earth, or visa versa.


"It has never been proven that any rock could reach Earth from Mars," Twietmeyer wrote. "The odds are beyond belief, considering the red planet is more than 34 million miles from Earth.


"To reach Mars from Earth, it requires every system to work perfectly. This requires propulsion systems, sophisticated computers and software. Could a rock from the red planet without any of this technology reach Earth, just because a theoretical meteor slams into Mars? This is like stating that two grains of sand . . . one from New York City, the other found in Los Angeles, came from the same beach."


Twietmeyer concluded: "The odds that any rock on Earth came from Mars staggers the imagination. However, this does not rule out that two rocks, one from Earth and one from Mars, could have the same composition."


And there lies the rub. Can we tell from photographs and technical information sent to us from a sophisticated computer on wheels on Mars that the rock in question has tiny fossilized remains of primitive life forms embedded in it?


As I recall, there was much debate over the images that the team found on Earth in 1996. Some did not agree that they were fossils, but merely interesting markings in the stone, which apparently fell from somewhere in space, if not from Mars.


So was the 1996 Mars rock announcement an elaborate hoax? And if so, was it done as a prelude to sending us off on a search of the stars in an effort to find life? Or was it an elaborate way of manipulating the public to support a quest for military conquest of space, and from there, the world?


There is yet another thought.


UFO conspiracy theories suggest that the United States and Russian governments have had contact with aliens for many years. And from them, we have gained alien technology. Could it be that the Mars fossil rock story was the beginning of an international preparation for contact?